Monday, January 14, 2008


My New York Giants kicked some Dallas Cowboy's ass yesterday!!!!!! The Giants were a 7 1/2 point underdog, but won it GIANTS 21, COWBOYS 17.


It was the ninth consecutive road victory for the Giants, an NFL single-season record and overall franchise record. Next Sunday Giants will travel to Green Bay to face the Packers in the NFC Championship Game. Who ever wins that game goes to the Super Bowl.
Just before the end of the game yesterday, I got a telephone call from my good friend Jillie Bean. Lori and I met Jill in November 2006 when we flew out to San Diego to cheer her and the rest of the Beach Babes on when they took the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk. We have been dear friends ever since.

Jill knows I'm a big Giants fan and called me to congratulate me on the Giant's big win. That was really nice of her. Thanks Jill, I really appreciated it!! Jill is a Green Bay Packer Fan and since she lives in San Diego, she a defacto Charger fan too. Both of her teams won over the weekend too. We congratulated each other and had a nice chat.

I wake up this morning and check my blog comments. Okay, it was 1:00 this afternoon and not this morning, but who's counting?. I read this comment from Jillie on yesterdays post about the Top Ten Country Western Songs.

Those are funny. OK our team loyalty will be making us enemies on Sunday. But whoever wins, may it be a good game and then we can be friends again ;o) SO BRING IT ON BABY!!!!! xo

That sounds like a challenge to me, so why wait until Sunday for us to be enemies! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you guys don't already know, Jillie is about the biggest Green Bay Packer fan there is. She even has one of those STUPID cheese heads the true Packer fans wear. **snicker**

So, my dear clumsy Jillie, I'm challenging you to an NFL Throw down ala Bobby Flay!!!! We just have to agree on the stakes.

So Jillie, the ball is in your court. What's it going to be? Cheese heads at 20 paces? LMAO!


I'm even going to up the ante and root for the New England Patriots to kick the Charger's ass next weekend too.


SignGurl said...

Oooo...them there's fightin' words!

Go Packers!!!

lime said...

but she sure does make a cheesehead look good doesn't she?

mr. lime is a lifelong giants fan and my boy is a rabid pats fan so you know where our loyalties lie.

David said...

Tony, you should hear the whining and cryin' going on here in Dallas. What a bunch of nancys.

Being from Michigan, we're used to the Lions managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on a regular basis, so I guess I assumed other teams' fans were the same way. Guess not. People here actually expected the Cowboys to beat the Giants a third time in one season. Tsk tsk tsk.

Congrats on the Giant Win....I'm not so sure they will have the same success with Green Bay. Farve will be in his element. Cold play.

Monogram Queen said...

I've got my cheeseheads (mine and Maddie's) out and dusted off. Jerseys too. Bring it ON New Yawk! LOL

P.S. I laughed my butt off at that stupid TO crying on tv. What a wuss.

BTExpress said...

Bring it on Jenn!!!!!

Lime - I should say she is makes one sexy cheese head, but that will have to wait until the games is over next weekend.

Lori is from RI, so I have to root for New England, for now. But once the Giants kick the Packer's ass, me and her are going to have some words!!!!!!!

David - I hear ya, but the Cowboys haven't played all that well the last 4 games of the season, so it shouldn't come as a shock to them that the Giants won. They have played best on the road this year and seemed to have reached their peak at just the right time.

Patti - I can't believe you are a Packer fan. :-(

TO and Hillary should get together and cry on each others shoulder. They are such cry babies that they lost. Boo fucking Hoo..... LOL

jillie said...

Tony!!! OH MAN...that is such a funny post. I just about died reading it. HMMMMMMMMMMM....

And that video of TO?? I think it was fake. If you were REALLY crying...take them nancy boy sunglasses off and lets actually see some tears.

Woooohoooo for the game...bring it on baby!

If we lose, I will wear a Giants t-shirt at my super bowl party and if we win...YOU will have to wear a Packer's THAT for a deal??


BTExpress said...

Your on Packer fan!

jillie said...

BUT...I forgot to add...we will need to post a picture to prove it LMAO!!!!!


BTExpress said...

Tee shirts it is! But that's all, nothing else! I guess you better start shopping around for a Giants jersey.