Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Got My Haircut

I got my haircut today and when I went to pay, the guy told me it was $10. I usually pay $12, so I questioned him about it. He pointed to the sign with the prices and pointed directly at the Seniors price line for those 65 and over.

I wanted to say, "LET'S MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR! I AM NOT FUCKING 65, I AM FUCKING 59!", but just smiled and told him I wasn't 65 yet. He mumbled something about trying to save me some money.

So everyone out there remember, I AM NOT FUCKING 65, I AM FUCKING 59! and don't you ever forget it! I'll let you know when I'm officially elderly. GOT IT!?!?!?!


gusgreeper said...

it is like the reverse of getting ID'd. I hear yeah!!

SignGurl said...

That $2 could really add up over the next 6 years. I've seen how much hair you have. You could use the discount.

jillie said...

You can save it for your retirement. Oh wait, you ARE retired. Ok...your next vacation??

Hey we're going to Old Venice tomorrow night. The restaurant we went to when you and Lori came out to visit...YUMMMMY!!!!!!!!!


mackey said...

Shit...I didn't think you were a day over 49!

barman said...


So is Lori 59? and I thought it was snuggling anyway. Sorry, I turned that in a wrong direction.

Three of us used to go to Ponderosa for lunch on occasion. Little did I know but we were on occasion getting the senior discount and I was still under 50. I guess there are advantages to being with someone who's hair has turned white.

Don't fight it Tony. You are not and will never be "old". Oh and I hear Bob Evans (if you have any of those places) start discounts at 55.

Monogram Queen said...

Ah I think he was just trying to save you $2 NOT say you looked 65 or over. Unless being a Giants fan ages you *snicker*

lime said...

at least you weren't 39 and asked repeatedly if a 27 yr old was your daughter and whether or nto you had grandchildren....like happened to me in texas....geeessss

but i feel your pain

BTExpress said...

Sign - I don't get a haircut often enough to make it all that worth while. About every few months is it.

Jillie - I'm jealous. That's a great place.

Mackey - I think I love you. ;-)

Barman - Ooooo, Lori is so going to kill you for thinking that. FYI, she's way younger than me.

Patti - Your half right, the stress turned my hair white.

Lime - LOL, that is terrible. Even if I thought something like that, I'd never say it.

jillie said...

I tell ya...I am REALLY having a hard time finding a Giants shirt. So, Lisa is getting one for me. She's back in PA right now. DAMN!!! So not to worry...it's on it's way ;o)

BTExpress said...

Whew, that's a relief. I hope she got you the child's size. Remember, wet tee shirts are in fashion. ;-)

Bunny said...

Not just regular 59 - FUCKING 59! That's right - make sure they know the equipment is still working at your advanced age (jk)!

My mom got senior discounts before she qualified for them. She was gray in her 30s.

SIMPLY ME said...

Can't wait to see your cute self, and I got my haircut tonight snookums!

Barman....Oh Hell yes, I am so going to kill you..........LOL