Friday, January 04, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know.

It's fucking cold here. The wind chill is below zero and I needed something to warm me up. Luckily I came across this funny video.

Ladies /babes/chicks/but not broads, chicks don't like to be called broads, do you think men leer at you when you're not looking?

I didn't want to leave out the men, so here is a question for them. Men, do you think women check you out when your not looking?

My guess, is the answer to both of my questions is without a doubt YES.

Me, I check out the ladies /babes/chicks/but not broads, chicks don't like to be called broads every chance I get, but I really wanted to know what you horn dogs do. So please let me know if you check out the opposite sex.


lime said...

well if i was in a miniskirt and no panties, yeah i think i'd be getting checked out quite a lot. otherwsie...nah, not so much.

do i check guys out....yep.

Sandi said...

How those women did not crack up laughing is beyond me! I would probably have not been able to keep a straight face.
Oh yeah..I check out the guys..but highly doubt that I am getting checked out lol.

Monogram Queen said...

Yes I do check out other peeps, both male and female. I don't think anyone ogles me though.

jillie said...

I check everyone out. Man, I thought the 2nd guy in the video was going to have a heart!!!

BTW...I forgot to thank you for the lovely Christmas card with all the extra goodies!! I've added them to my stock pile I carry with me. You just NEVER know with me!

Hope you guys have a great wknd and enjoy the football games.


Libby said...

heck yeah, i check out the guys! i'd have to be dead not to, right??

SignGurl said...

That second video was hilarious!! I could have never kept a straight face.

I was totally checking out guys booties today. I'm like Lori, I love me some ass!

Kittie Kate said...

Yeah, and we leer at them all the time. Just men don't think we do that. Women sometimes are more perverted than guys are.

Jes said...

Hell yeah! Every chance I get! ;)