Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Good news parents, it time for the kids to get back to school. Don't lie, you know you're thrilled to finally get them off your hands for a little while each day. I'm sure my mom was just as thrilled when I started school. Here's little BTExpress a scared little kindergartner.


Lori is back again this week and will be making HNT a weekly thing.
Stop by and check out her nekkidness at Rhyme and Retro.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

NSFW - Pool Party HNT, part 2

If you missed the 'Pool Party HNT, part one' post last week, click here. I added a lot more photos that were taken by Os, but just received this week.


After the Os shirt photo shoot, we decided to have dinner. I was standing at the grill cooking chicken wings when I saw two people I didn't recognize walk up the stairs to the patio. Surprise, surprise, it was Hubman and Veronica!

Hubman has been in Texas training for the last month, but decided to surprise his family by flying up for his son's birthday party. After the birthday party, they came over for the party.

After dinner, Hubman and Veronica took pictures with the Os shirt too.

Then more swimming, but this time not everyone wore a suit, right Lori?

Hubman and Veronica left after a couple of hours to get reacquainted after his month of training in Texas. "It was great to finally meet you guys. Next time your back on Long island give me a call."

Os and I were talking when Shizzle cannon balled into the pool. That's when we noticed that her bathing suit was the next to come off.

Os and my suits were off in the blink of an eye. May the skinny dipping begin!

The night flew by and just before almost midnight it was time to break up the party. Shizzle still had what turned out to be a 4 1/2 hour drive home ahead of her or I'm sure the party would have lasted a lot longer.

Shizzle, you have no idea how happy I was that you took the drive to join in the fun. Thank you and it was a pleasure to meet you.



Lori is back! She has a post with her and Shizzle having fun at the pool party. Check it out. I promise, you won't be disappointed. Click here!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pool Party HNT

Saturday, Lori and I hosted a pool party for our blogger friends. I sent out open invitations starting a year ago, but by the time the pool party came around, people that said they would come or at least try to come, sent their regrets. Some even the same day.

Oh well, their loss, because they missed a hell of a good time!

Os was the first to show, but was alone. We expected him to bring ~M, but that morning she woke up in severe pain, which put her in the hospital. She had a kidney stone, which they zapped, so she was able to come home the next day. Missed you ~M!

Os, Lori and I sat in my living room for a while catching up and then I gave him a tour of the recent work I had done inside.

Os surprised us with the 'Official Os Shirt'. Later we all took pictures with the shirt.

Then we went outside to check out the work that I done last year.

I'm pretty sure there was a bit of grill envy.

Everyone loves the waterfall. The sound of the water flowing into the pool is so relaxing.

It was time for some snacks, so we sat at the patio table enjoying the foods Lori had prepared.

A little while later, Os said he had to get something from his car and returned with Shizzle and her pup. What a great surprise.

Even if no one else showed up, this made my day. I've "known" Shizzle for many years via blogs and it was a pleasure to finally get to meet her.

We all chatted some more then had some lunch also prepared by Lori. Everyone agreed that her pulled pork was excellent! Thanks baby, the food was great!

Time for a swim!

EDIT: Here are the new pictures Os sent me this week.


We frolicked in the pool for a while,
then all came out to take pictures with the Os Shirt.


Be sure to come back next week for "Pool Party HNT part 2".

You won't be sorry!

We had more surprise guests,

ate more great food,

more swimming,

and then the bathing suits came off!