Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Crops Have Sprouted

You heard me right, my crops have sprouted. Yea, I know it seems like a strange time to start growing crops, but hey, it's me your talking about, so let me explain. Lori gave me an Aero Garden for Christmas. A couple of days later I "planted" my first crop. This one is herbs. I'm growing basil, purple basil, mint, chives, parsley, dill and thyme. Here's what it looks like a few days ago.

I can't wait to harvest my first crop. I love using herbs in my recipes, especially fresh ones. Aero Garden offers strawberries and tomatoes too, so let's see what I grow next.


gab said...

Cool Ive always wanted to try and grow my own herbs but out in the real world in my garden Ive killed more than Ive grown. Do you think that means anything?

BTExpress said...

Let me think.........

My guess is it means you should get all your herbs in the grocery store.

Seriously, this one seems pretty fool proof as long as you keep the garden filled with water.

Naw, maybe you should buy them.

Sandi said...

Ohh that's cool! and they will taste so good!
I planted dill outside once..and holy moses.. that stuff can take over a whole yard in a very short time!

nope said...

Awesome... I have always wanted to grow herbs.

My thumb however, is not so green. The PTO at Roo and Bear's school gave me a poinsetta for Christmas and I have already killed it somehow... (sigh)

lime said...

OMG, mr. lime gave me one of these too! (mainly because he wants to see if i can kill it, that's my special skill...killing anything green that grows. my attempts at herb gardens in the summer have been horrific failures) i planted mine on dec 30...the same crop of herbs too. yours are looking a little further along than mine though. everything has sprouted except the parsley. i got no parsley yet.

BTExpress said...

Sandi - No problem with this garden. They grow in tiny pots.

MizMouthy - I'll bet even you can grow them. They give you little pots with seeds already in them and you stick them in the holes on top. Then you fill it with tap water and toss in two fertilizer tablets they give. Plug it in and wait. Then if the lights come on on the front, you either add more water or more fertilizer tablets. Simple as that.

Lime - See above. ;-) My parsley didn't sprout yet either. Guess it takes the two weeks like they say it might.

jillie said...

I thought maybe you were reproducing again....LMAO!!!!!

Hey I hope your Giants are ready to kick some cowboy ASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!


Monogram Queen said...

Now I think that is just TOO cool!If I ever get to LI I expect you to cook for me and i'll assist Lor in the clean-up deal?

Thanks for your kind comment regarding Maddie

absenceofsameness said...

Those are cool. I want one of those!

Tara Tainton said...

Awesome!! I've heard the Aero Garden is really cool. I want one someday... when I have that much money to spare. ;) So... when are you inviting us over for dinner? We're great cooks too... Lori could take a pick of us all cooking bare-assed in the kitchen! ;)