Friday, September 30, 2005

You are all great!

I loved the comments you all left on my HNT post yesterday. I never really thought my right buttock would elicit such a response. Thank you so much.

Tonight is get away day/night so I just don't have it in me to respond. I'm soooooooo tired. I promise i will respond tomorrow though if that's alright with you.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is It Thursday Already?

This week I wanted to show you I'm not just another pretty face. I can clean, do laundry, sew even, fixed about anything, give great oral and "surprise, surprise" I can cook too.

I know, I know, you ask how can a guy with so much else to offer be able to cook? I don't know, just lucky I guess. Truthfully, I'm blessed with abilities beyond my, or your, comprehension. I don't question it, I just go with the flow, so you shouldn't question it either.

Well, anyway, this week I thought I would give you a couple of pictures of me at my best, cooking. The first one gives you a hint at what makes my cooking so special, and the second, well, it's a shot of my........hehehehe. Please try to control your self.

Note: I only wear the apron when I'm nekkid because I don't want to spatter on my Charlie. Yeah, I have a name for mine, don't you have a name for yours?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

This is crazy!

I found this on Hot Momma Drama's blog. Someone auctioned off half a bottle of water on eBay, that Britney Spears drank from, and got $495. 80 idiots placed bids. Click here for the link to eBay.


Friday, September 23, 2005

OH NO!!!

I checked StatCounter just now and saw that I had a visitor to my blog from the small town I live in. Well, it does have over 17,000 people, so it's not that small, but small enough that there is a good chance they actually know me. They only viewed two posts, so they don't know much about my posts yet. I may just have to clean up my act now so my neighbors don't think I'm a pervert. Please tell me what you think or vote on the poll.

Thank you,
The Blog Administrator

Should I clean up my posts?
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This week’s HNT pictures are of my eyes. Laura old me how blue they looked yesterday, which made me feel good, so I thought I would show you my eyes this week. (Laura is an assembler where I work)

What ever, here are my eyes. The Evil right eye and the Shifty left eye. It’s a long story so please don’t ask. They hate it when I talk about them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I got a new monitor today!

I now have a 19 inch Samsung SyncMaster 913V LCD monitor. It came today. What a deal. $304.99 with free shipping, no tax and a fucking $20 rebate, from It is so worth it. You so have to get one.

OMFG, I can't believe how different it is from my 17 inch HP monitor. Everything looks so much larger, and the detail, OMFG!

You will never believe how life like boobs and "STUFF" on the porno sites and Newsgroups, look now. This is so fucking GREAT!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I'm I Horn Dog. I know, what can I say?

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Karina is Barbara's new Home Health Aide. She is working out very well. When I came home from work yesterday, I got a nice surprise. I saw the laundry basket in the hall had been emptied. I knew there was only one way that would have gotten done, was if Karina did it. When I went into the bedroom to say hello to Barbara, I saw the the other basket full of clean clothes. Nice to see that, that's for sure. Now I don't have to do it.

I really didn't know if she was going to do all of the laundry because the basket has been filling since Tuesday and was full when I left this morning. Karina is only responsible for doing Barbara's laundry, but I don't think she understood her supervisor's instruction when she told her she had to do the laundry. The part about just Barbara's probably went over her head due to the language difficulty. :-)

It's not easy communicating with Karina, because she doesn't speak very much English. Actually 'very much' is probably an understatement. Most of her answers are one word. Usually the first time I say something to her she gives me a puzzled look. Like yesterday. I told her "Nancy from Apex labs is coming today to draw blood from Barbara". (She has a blood test almost every week to monitor the levels of certain things in her blood.) Karina gave me this very puzzled look. Finally I made a motion like someone was drawing blood from my arm a few times and kept repeating blood. I could tell she when she finally understood because her eyes brightened and she giggled with a nod.

Just an FYI, I still can't tell if she has a hot body or not. All she wears are those baggy outfits like in the picture above. They are pretty loose on her too, because she is so tiny. But that's okay, as long as she does our laundry and keeps cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, I'll just have to use my imagination to get me through. ;-)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fan Appreciation Post

I really appreciate all the nice things you’ve been saying about my posts. I really didn't know what direction this blog was going when I started it in April. Actually, I have no idea were it will go from here. I just play it be ear as I go along. Thank you.

This week especially, there were some very moving comments on my HNT post. I really appreciate your wishes, prayers, compassion and concern for our situation. It has been about 28 months since Barbara was diagnosed with the brain cancer and I have no idea how much longer she will fight it. Just when I think she is close, she surprises me. Like yesterday, she was talking up a storm, for her anyway. She talked to her mother on the phone, which I'm sure picked her up. Then when I got home from grocery shopping at 7:00, the Hospice volunteer told me about the conversations they were having.

Next, Barbara asked me if I remembered to buy chocolate pudding. (yes I did) I really was sort of shocked at that comment. She really hasn't spoken more than a few words for about a week before that. Today she is also pretty alert. She is really fighting this thing and just doesn't want to give up. Truthfully, if I was in her position, I'd have quit a long time ago, but that's just me.

Now about my scar Bug, if you liked Bug, just wait until you see some other scars I have, I got a million of 'em! (Well, maybe not a million, but a lot.) They will get more and more gross so be prepared. You may actually skeeve out when you see the one I call the “Grand Canyon". Getting blown up has a tendency to cause quite a bit of damage to one’s body. The bright side is that I came away from that, with all my vital "stuff" in tack.

Thanks again for being so nice. :-)

BTW, I finally posted responses to your comments yesterday about Bug if your interested.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wow, HNT Already!

This week’s HNT picture is of one of my many scars. I know I am supposed to give you a little humorous story about it, but that’s really isn't possible in this case.

As some of you know, I was wounded in Vietnam. I was an infantryman and my primarily responsibility was to hump ammunition for the M-60 machine gunner. Not a great job because I carried about 75 pounds of M-60 ammo in addition to my normal load of ammo for my M-16, hand grenades, canteens of water, C-rations, etc.

The night I was wounded, my squad of ten grunts was on our way to set up a night ambush. Every night a squad from our company was sent out to do this. To make a long story short, a bad guy set off a homemade claymore mine on our way to the ambush site. It was quite effective, because it wounded 7 out of the 10 of us. I was in the middle of the group, so I bared the brunt and received 35 multiple fragment wounds, literally from head to toe.

It took something like 600 stitches to close all my wounds. I spent over 2 months in multiple hospitals recovering and have numerous scars all over my body. Hey, but the bright side was it got me out of Vietnam after only 1 month and two days? In addition, almost none of the scars show when I’m clothed and I didn’t die. See there is a bright side to this story.

Well, today I am going to show you one of the least disgusting of my scars. This one I call “Bug”. I know it’s weird that I’ve named some of my scars, but live with it.

Since you may not have been able to make out Bug in the first picture so I have outlined it in this one.

As a side note, where did all those freckles come from? I swear, I didn't have that many before I took this picture. I think I'd better get my glasses checked.

I thought we all could use a change of pace.

Wet yet?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Barbara has a new Caregiver

Remember yesterday I told you a new caregiver for Barbara was going to start today?

Do you remember what I was hoping for?

I said I hoped she would be a "hot, sassy little Latin cutie".

What did I get?

I got a "hot little Latin cutie". :)

I have no idea if she is sassy because she doesn't speak very much English to find out. But who the fuck cares if she speaks English? Not me that's for sure. We'll get by.

She is about 25 and petite, about 5' nothing and can't weight over 100 lbs. She is the cutest little thing you've ever seen and she giggles a lot, which makes her even cuter. I can tell she is thin, but she wears these baggy nurse type outfits so I don't know what her body looks like, YET.

The best part (yes, the best part, I'm not completely obsessed with boobs, naked bodies, sex, bare shoulders, mini skirts....STOP....I'd better stop here before I need some alone time) is that she can handle my wife who is no light weight that's for sure. Barbara doesn't get out of bed anymore so that makes it easier for someone to handle and also easier to find someone to take care of her. The agency says she is reliable and shows up on time everyday. That would be great.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Charity Book Auction

I saw a post on ArmyWifeToddlerMom's blog about an charity autographed book auction on e-bay someone had set up to help raise money for, what I think, is a very worthwhile cause, Soldiers Angels. I copied a little of her post to give you an idea what this is all about. I thought since so many of you are "book readers", you may want the opportunity to get an autographed copy of some smut, in layman's terms, romance novels. One of the books is going for $510 so this stuff must be good. Here's her post.

When hurricane Katrina struck, Suzanne, really wanted to DO something to benefit our Military men and women. So she graciously put together an auction on e-bay. Several of her friends are also writers, and they have donated signed copies of their books for auction. Suzanne Brockman, a New York Times best-seller, offered one of her books as well. All proceeds are going to Soldiers Angels. I think Suzanne did a great job on this, so go over and do some Christmas shopping for your girlfriend that needs a little romance PLEASE!!! Proceeds are for our guys an gals!!!!

I have to get a new caregiver

Sylvia, Barbara's caregiver, came very late this morning, AGAIN, and didn't call to tell either her agency or me she would be late. One day last week she didn't even show up or call. The agency finally got in touch with her at 2:30. Her excuse, "I couldn't get a baby sitter." Today's reason was she had to drop off some papers at her daughters school.

This is what I wanted to say to her this morning when she finally showed.

Boo fucking hoo! That's your problem, not mine. You have a job to do, and that's to take care of Barbara while I go to work. If your going to be late, or miss a day, fucking call! You just can not show up! If you give the agency a reasonable notice, they can get a sub. Don't leave me sitting by wondering where the fuck you are! Understand!

Obviously, I spoke to her and so did the agency. Not like that, but the same point was made very clear. So today when she didn't show I called that agency and ask them to get a replacement.

This really sucks too. Sylvia was a great caregiver. She did an excellent job taking care of Barbara and the house. She did much more than she is paid to do. For her lousy $10.25 /hour, besides taking care of Barbara, she did everyone's laundry and folded it, all I had to do was put it away. She cleaned the entire house, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher and took out the garbage each day. I could not ask for more. EXCEPT FOR HER TO SHOW THE FUCK UP!

But you know, she was going to leave on her own soon anyway, so this just makes it sooner. Her husband is making her move to North Carolina. He can't afford the expense of living here on Long Island. She was just waiting for the closing to go through on her house, and then she was moving.

And you want to know why her husband wants to leave? Fucking taxes! The property taxes on my little 1,200 sq ft ranch, on less than a 1/4 acre, are just under $10,000. Hey, I know that's not very much compared to y'all, but that's just the way it is. Some areas have high taxes, and some don't. I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones. ;)

Oh well, I've been through my share of caregivers in the last two years and the next one probably won't be my last.

And you know, maybe I'll get lucky and this one will be a hot, sassy little Latin cutie like Joannie was (she was caregiver number 2). She was very pretty and had a damn fine ass. She was lacking in the boob department, but the ass made up for it. I'll let you know how this one is.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a slut. What can I say? I enjoy looking at women. I don't get to touch any of them, but I'll take what I can get. ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tag, I'm it!

I was tagged again. This time by Roximoon. I am very open with my life, so this is going to start off pretty depressing, but that changes, so keep reading if you don't get too bored.

7 things I want to do before I die....(in order)
1. Sell my boat (anyone want to by it?)
2. See the end of my wife's illness (read my first post and you'll understand)
3. See my mother, sister and step-mother again (that has to wait until #2 happens and I can travel)
4. See my son settled and on his own (I've already decide he can stay with me as long as he wants to, because I'd hate being alone) (but, I know it's inevitable)
5. Move (to get away from the people that have abandoned us since my wife became ill) (but not until #2 & 4 happens)
6. Have sex with a woman, again. (But not for a while after #2 happens) (it's been about 3 years and I miss it)
7. Go scuba diving again (I've had my license for over 30 years, but don't get to do it anymore) (don't get to do very much of anything anymore)

7 things I can do....
1. Fix things (I can fix pretty much anything around the house or on my boat) (but if I can't fix it, I know how to buy a new one)
2. Grow things (I inherited my father's green thumb)
3. Cook well (I taught myself after my wife became ill and have become pretty good at it)
4. Sew (my mom made me learn how when I was growing up)
5. Back my boat into a boat slip in the wind (if you ever tried it, you'd know it's not very easy to do)
6. Provide a good shoulder to lean on (I once was told by a therapist that I should become one)
7. Make people laugh (it's nice to be able to make people happy)

7 things I can't do....
1. Bake things from scratch (not big on sweets or deserts, so I haven't learned how to do that)
2. Type with more than two fingers (but I can do that pretty fast, for two fingers that is)
3. Run real fast (but I can run far) (when I was in shape, I used to run 5 miles a day and not be very tired when I was done) (never tried running farther, so I don't know how far I could have run)
4. Stop looking at women (I've had my hand slapped a few time by my wife over the years for being too obvious) (but that's as far as it goes, I've always been very faithful to her)
5. Get away from a computer very long (I spend a lot of time at work on one, and when I'm home, that's about all I do anymore)
6. Stop biting my finger nails (yeah, I know it's a bad habit)
7. Stop procrastinating (my worst habit)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex...
1. A smile (everyone looks good when they smile)
2. Eyes (the kind that can see into your soul)
3. Sense of humor (a little sarcastic and on the dirty side)
4. Boobs (any shape or size, I'm not fussy) (and yes, I'm shallow)
5. Bare legs (especially in mini skirts and short shorts
6. Nice ass (yes, still shallow)
7. Any woman wearing a tank top (I love bare shoulders)

7 celebrity crushes....
1. Dana Delany
2. Sofia Milos
3. Reba McEntire
4. Marg Helgenberger
5. Teri Hatcher
6. Shania Twain
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt (I know she's young, but she is so sexy)

I'm not going to tag anyone because I think everyone I know has been tagged, but if you've been missed, tag yourself and let me know.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Google Earth

I don't know how many of you haven't seen this yet, but if you haven't, download it now. None of the other programs I've used, even comes close to the details you see for about any area on the earths surface.

Geeze, and you thought all those gazillions of trillions of billions dollars we spent putting satellites in orbit was a waste of money.

You can get here...Google Earth

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday

It was Barbara's 50th birthday weekend (same weekend that the shot of
my moon was taken). We were where we always were on weekends in the summer, at Watch Hill on Fire Island on the our boat. The air conditioning water pump shut down because the water intake under the boat, got clogged with eel grass (sort of a sea weed for those not familiar with the bottom of the Great South Bay. Nothing to do except go in the water and clean it.

The bottom between the boats is mostly mud and muck and really disgusting. So when I was done, I had to take a shower. Barbara (that's her in the picture) wouldn't let me in the boat all muddy and mucky so I took the shower on the swim platform on the back of the boat. There's a faucet in the back of the boat with hot and cold water, where a hand shower attaches, so it wasn't bad. My sister-in-law saw a photo op and got me with shower head in my bathing suit rinsing off my, uh, privates in this one. I was so embarrassed. ;)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OMFG, where is this ladies head at?

This is exactly what I thought when I heard this. Barbara Bush paid a visit to the Houston Astrodome to visit the Katrina survivors. These are her thoughts after her visit.

I give you, Barbara Bush.

BTW, I saw this here.

Dorky Tuesday

So, it's Dorky Tuesday already?

This was my cousin and me in 1965 when I was 16 years old. Notice the Vaseline soaked hair, all slicked back into a DA, pants as tight and as short as I could find and the pointy toe shoes.

She has her arm around me to keep me from running away, because I hated having my picture taken.

This one is of me at my new assignment, the 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment at Ft Meade MD, after about three months in the hospital after being wounded in Vietnam. I was trying to look cool so I leaned on the bunk. When I saw the picture, I could tell that pose didn't make me look cool.

You to can find out more about Dorky Tuesday and join the humiliation here.

Monday, September 05, 2005

What an ass I am

I just deleted all of my Flickr pictures. I was try to reorganize them and misinterpreted the instructions. I was going to delete one picture, but wound up keeping the one I wanted to delete, and deleting all the rest instead. What an ass I am.

Does anyone want to give me a good spanking to teach me a lesson? ;)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Housing Opportunities For Katrina Survivors

I received an email today from Vietnam War Records and AAVET asking for help in spreading the word about a web site launched listing available free housing for victims of hurricane Katrina. Please read this, visit the web site and help spread the word. Thank you.

Young Web Designers Launch New Website to Help Hurricane Katrina Victims Find Emergency Housing

Moved by the devastation and homelessness facing thousands of Americans displaced by Katrina, many people have logged online to offer shelter to hurricane survivors. Now three young Web designers have launched a new website, , to organize these housing offers in one easy-to-find place.

“There are thousands of people who need housing -- and thousands of people who want to help,” said Joel Otterstrom, the Provo, UT, web designer who launched the site. “ will allow those people to find one another.”

Before , few options existed for people who wanted to offer temporary housing to refugees. Craig’s List, the popular Internet site used around the world for finding homes, jobs, dates and miscellaneous merchandise, had posted thousands of offers on its pages. But no way existed for people to sort through the online postings to find the offers that specifically met their needs.

Otterstrom’s site addresses that problem. On , people offering housing provide their zip codes, the number of people they can accommodate, how long space is available, and whether pets, smokers or children are allowed. Refugees can then zero in quickly on the factors that interest them. Like Craig’s List, is dedicated to helping people connect with one another and does not verify the information posted.

The site was started by 29-year-old Otterstrom and his Web design business partners – Eran Greenberg , 30, and John Peterson, 31. While watching news of the hurricane’s devastation, Otterstrom desperately wanted to help the people in the Gulf Coast. His sister suggested that he look at Craig’s List, where people were offering temporary housing. Recognizing that Craig’s List was not designed to organize this type of information, Otterstrom decided to create a site that could.

By 1 a.m. Wednesday, Otterstrom and his partners had purchased a domain name and built . Craig’s List and, another website that had been taking information, are working together to consolidate their lists on’s site.

Unfortunately, many people in need of housing are not aware of what’s available to them. “The Red Cross and other agencies are so overwhelmed, they’re not able to get these lists out there, even to people who have already left New Orleans,” Otterstrom says.

He hopes that volunteers will print the Web site’s list of housing offers and distribute them to shelters. He wants everyone who wishes to accommodate refugees in their homes to know they can do so at .

Eran Greenberg (
(office) 801.373.1299, (home) 801.377.0733

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I may be wrong...

…but it seems to me, that most of the bloggers that discuss their sexual relationships, or have sexually orientated blogs, are women? (Not that I frequent sexually orientated blogs mind you, well, not very often anyway.)

It seems like very few men discuss their sexual relationships as openly as women do. The exceptions do seem to be when their wives also discuss it openly.

Are most men satisfied with their sex lives? (I doubt that.)

Do their partners satisfy their every sexual need? (I doubt that too.)

Is it because women are hornier than men are, or men don’t give them what they need?

Or maybe men are just more inhibited?

Why do you think that is? Or am I wrong?

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I received such nice compliments about part of my left sock yesterday, I decided to show you both of them in their full glory. I'm not showing any skin, so I don't feel it is a violation of the HNT rules.

So here you go sock lovers, BTE's socks.

Hehe, I sexed it up a little by showing you the left one's reflection in the mirror. I didn't go overboard, did I?