Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work is Hard HNT

Lori's brother and his family came down for a visit last week.
While they were here, Bill helped me clean the gutters.

Okay, he cleaned the gutter, but I did empty the bucket.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buried Treasure HNT

In 1981 I was on vacation in Bermuda with my wife. One day I was snorkeling in the waters next to Fort St. Catherine in Bermuda and I spotted a small piece of ceramic sticking out of the sand.

Just imagine you were the ceramic piece. That is you saw when I found you. lol

I dove down, dug the sand away and discovered this bottle. I had no idea how old it was or what it had contained, but the thrill of finding "buried treasure" made my vacation.

Thirty years of searching off and on for some information on my find and I stumbled upon the "Old Bermuda Bottles" website. I contacted the owner of the blog, Steven R. McPhee, and finally, after all those years, I finally have the information about my "buried treasure".

In his words, "That's a really nice bottle and must have been very exciting to find. It is from around the 1870s and was used mainly for beer or ginger beer, it is stoneware which would help keep the contents cooler a lot longer than glass bottles. When describing it, it would be termed an English stoneware beer (or ginger beer) bottle. These were very popular during the Victorian Era. There was a strong British military presence in Bermuda during the 1800s so it is very likely that is was tossed from the Fort."

Finally, 30 years later, a mystery has been solved. Thanks Steve, you have no idea how much this means to me.