Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Harvested My Dill

Well, some of it anyway. Lori and I were in the fish market last Saturday and she saw that they had a tuna salad made with fresh dill, chopped dill pickles and chopped red onions. So on Tuesday I made tuna salad too. I was too lazy to chop a pickle or an onion, so I just harvested some dill from my garden. (If you didn't already know why I have a garden, scroll down the page and find out why.) The problem was that I didn't use nearly enough fresh dill to make a difference, just a few tablespoons. I was too lazy to harvest more, so just ate the tuna as it was. Next time I'll harvest a lot more dill and even chop up some pickle and onion. Maybe, if I'm not too lazy that is.


SIMPLY ME said...

You're my lazy baby alright. I'll do it for you on the weekend love

Patti said...

We have a restaurant called Heavenly Ham that has wonderful sandwiches. I'm going to try the Tuna Sandwich with Dill next time.

Ha haaa nothing wrong with lazy - ya gotta save the strength for important things like snuggling!