Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last Friday night Lori and I went to a charity dinner/auction/open bar at the aquarium Lori works at. (See this post for all the details) Everyone said that the highlight of the evening wasn't the dinner, nor the auction, not even the open bar, but it was the belly dancers.

Especially the handsome and ever so debonair ME.


Don't forget that next week is the very special

Boobies for BTExpress HNT.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Been a busy last four days.

Thursday: Lori and I went to the aquarium Lori works at for "Fish & Sips". The fish refers to the fish there and the sips refers to the wine tasting. The head of catering insisted that they not advertise, so as of last Monday, they had sold a whopping 27 of the $69 per person tickets out of the 300 that was promised to the wineries. So they decided to give away tickets to anyone that would take them. Lori got some for us and for some of our friends. With the give aways, it was a full house, so giving the tickets away worked just fine.

FYI, I felt the crappy previously frozen horsdervers, three different kinds of cheese and crackers wouldn't be worth going back next year if we have to pay. I'm thinking even if it was free again, I would have to think long and hard before going again.

Friday: Dropped Lori's car off after she got off work to get the brakes fixed. later that night we went back to the aquarium for a charity function. This one was OUTSTANDING! It was worth the $85 a ticket. Compare that price to the $69 it would have cost for the Thursday night function.
1. Open bar
2. Two hours coctail hours with mostly not previously frozen horsdervers
3. Open bar
4. More than three types of cheese (I didn't eat the cheese because the horsdervers were so good.
5. Open bar
6. DJ
7. Open bar
8. Cute girl magician
9. Open bar
10. Belly dancers
11. Three belly dancers
12. Cleavage
13. Low rider costumns on the belly dancers
14. Belly dancers
15. Being selected by the hottest belly dancer to join her making a fool of myself faus belly dancing
16. Hip bumping said hot belly dancer
17. Belly dancing with the other belly dancer with the big boobies
18. Open bar
19. Open bar
20. Open bar (Hey! I was hot and needed to cool off.)
21. Rolls and butter
22. Caeser salad
23. Open bar
24. Really great buffet: Pasta, chicken francaise, beef & spaetzle, eggpland rollatini, carving board with ham, seafood paella and some other stuff I don't remember
25. Open bar
26. Coffee
27. Dessert (I don't eat dessert or sweets, so all I remember about that was the chocolate covered strawberries Lori ate.
28. Open bar
29. Chinese auction (Neither of us won anything)
30. Open bar
31. Silent auction (I WON! I got the mountain bike and a week at a one-bedroom time share suite anywhere in the world. How cool is that? I have to use it before the end of the year, so do you have any suggestions where Lori and I should go?)
32. Open bar
33. Gift bag

Okay, comparing everything we got on both nights, which event do you think was worth the money. LMAO! No need to answer, because it's a silly question.

After we left the aquarium, we went to a hotel for the night, because of the open bar. I used points from my Hilton Vacation Club, so it didn't cost me anything out of pocket.

I couldn't leave the bike in the trunk, so had to take it up to the room. The chick at the front desk asked about the bike with the big bows, whcih gave me a chance for a bit of small talk. We explained where we had come from and then I asked her about a room upgrade and a late 2PM check out. Without hesitation we got the room with the hot tub, king size bed and the late check out. How cool is that?

34. My private open bar with gin & tonic
35. 37" HD TV
36. Free high speed internet access
37. Snuggling

We didn't get to sleep until around 3AM and didn't wake up until noon.

38. Snuggling
39. Coffee
40. Hot tub

We checked out and dropped off the bike and luggage at my place.

41. Breakfast/lunch at the diner.

42. We hung out at my place the rest of the day until Lori's car would be ready.

Damn, her car wasn't ready. The parts place sent over the wrong parts. That meant the car had to stay until Monday night.

Bummer, that meant Lori had to stay with me for an extra day. ;-)

Later that night we met some friends for a going away dinner for Maggie. Going to miss Maggie. But her going back home is the best thing for her now.

Sunday: Hung out all day and went to the store for tonic and a little grocery shopping.


43. Slept in until 11
44. Snuggled
45. Coffee and then hung out the rest of the day waiting for Lori's car to get fixed.
46. Called car repair place. Seems that the job turned out to be bigger than they thought, so the car wasn't going to be ready.

Bummer, that meant Lori had to stay with me for an extra day. ;-)

Tuesday: Let's hope the car will be ready, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!.

NOTE: Pictures you'll really want to see and a video of me belly dancing to follow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last week Lori and I went to a coed sex toy party hosted by our BFFs. The kind of party were they try to get you to buy sex toys.
We had a good time.

There was a large selection of lotions and toys to choose from. I told Lori to knock her self out, pick out some things and I'd pay for they.

That night I became $170 poorer.

There were snacks...........

........and candy of odd shapes to eat.

There was even desert.

There were games.

In this one we had to take a piece of aluminum foil and make the most realistic penis we could. The winner won a lotion sample.

This was Lori's entry.

For obvious reasons she didn't win.

Then we played dildo ring toss.

I'm proud to say I missed each throw.

Nice cleavage, huh?

Then we played this game with rules similar to musical chairs. The music was started. Then you passed around the double dong from person to person, but without using your hands.

I won!

FYI, I rejected every suggestion on what to do with it.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who Can Bring Real Change in Washington?

Earlier this month, AARP went out to “Main Streets” all over the country to find out who AARP members should support this Election.

With a camera in hand, they asked thousands of prospective voters who they thought could break partisan gridlock and bring real change to Washington.

I won’t deny that the answers they received were pretty shocking – check out the video footage of our interviews by clicking here!


But at AARP, they’re confident their quest to find members’ choice for ‘08 is finally over!

Once you have watched the footage from the interviews, help me spread the word about the choice for 2008 by forwarding this message to your friends and family!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flash Back to 1990 HNT

In August of 1990, my wife went to a Vermont for a few days for a teacher's training session. That left my son Brian and I on our own to go on a men's vacation together. Brian was eight then. We decided to take in a Mets game and then head up to Howe Caverns and Cooperstown.

We bought the cheap seats for the Mets game at Shea Stadium, but decided to stop at the Mezzanine level and take a good look at the stadium from that view. One of the ushers came over to ask for our tickets, but I explained I just wanted my son to see the field from here first. He told me there were empty seats, so for $20, we could sit in the first row directly behind home plate. I jumped at the chance. The Mets lost that game, but that didn't matter, because my son was thrilled. After the game we walked all around the stadium and waited for the crowd to leave. Brian had never been in a major league stadium before, so he wanted to see everything.

After we left Shea, we drove up to the caverns. We stayed in a motel that night and toured the Howe caverns and one other I forget the name of and a few other sites. Here's a picture of Brian and I with our tour group. Can you find us?


Friday, October 10, 2008

Mom of the Year - NSFW



Thursday, October 09, 2008

Muti-tasking HNT

I'm so good I can operate a computer in my sleep.

I asked Lori why she took this picture. She said it was because I looked cute, but I just know she was giggling the entire time.

Oh well, I got an HNT out of it, didn't I?


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Who Won This Last Debate?

I might give this one to Obama, but who knows, they both speak with forked tongue anyway. What do you think?

Politics aside, on to more important things.

Last Tuesday night I was approved for my variance, but as of Monday I still hadn't received the approval letter so I could get on with this project. I called town hall and was told that the board of appeals that approved my variance will sign off on it on Tuesday, one week later. It seems that only only meet once a week.

WTF!? I wish I'd have had a job like that!

HOPEFULLY I will have the approval letter by the end of the week. Then guess what? The permit process for my pool project starts over again. That's right kids, starts over again.

Monday, October 06, 2008


WARNING: Boring financial post ahead.

Some number of months months ago my financial adviser called me to tell me that he saw a decline in the housing market and stock market coming. That he wanted to start selling off a lot of the more volatile stocks, like financial and consumer goods, to acquire cash. That way when the market hits bottom, he would have the cash to get back in and make some, hopefully, very profitable buys. Today I received the call that he felt things are starting to bottom out and soon he would start buying again.

(FYI: Warren Buffet has started to buy again too, so that's an even better indicator things are bottoming out. The old saying of "Follow the money" holds true, because Buffet has A LOT OF money.)

I asked him why, like I always do. He mentioned certain economic indicators that indicated the market was nearing it's low. I asked him what they were and what did that mean? He took the time to explain things to me, like he always does.

So very soon he would be taking some of the cash and start buying some of the UNDER priced stock. He also predicted that oil would stabilize somewhere around $85-$90 a barrel. Today oil is $88 a barrel. Of course I told him fine and that what ever he held felt was the right things to do, because so far he's done me well. I also made sure, again, that he hasn't been selling anything and was just waiting out this financial crisis. He confirmed that yes, he had been standing pat as he felt that way and reminded me I had previously agreed with him to do just that. He also reminded me that we agreed that all of the losses are on paper until we sell. Then they become real.

Here's the advise part!

DISCLAIMER: Take my advise at your own risk, because I know very little about financial stuff. Why do you think I have a financial adviser handling my retirement accounts?

So sit tight on your 401k's and any other investments you may have until this crisis is over. It ain't a loss until you sell at a loss. If you sell now, you really have lost the money, but if you wait until this thing blows over and the economy starts recovering, the value of your investments WILL start going back up. It always does and then you haven't really lost anything after all. It was just all on paper.

Check back with me in a month or two to see if I'm still this calm. LOL

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Who are you going to vote for?

I just finished watching the VP debate between Sara Palin and Joe Biden.  Did you watch it?  I hope so, because it gives even more reason to not give too much weight on who is the VP candidate.  Both Sara and Joe kept talking about what the McCain and Obama administration would or would not do.  Not so much about what Sarah and Joe would do.  For very good reason, because the VP don't do shit!  It's all about the President, the President!  So stop talking about who might be the VP if the old guy dies, lets talk about who WILL be President.  No, lets not talk about it, lets decide who we want to be our next President.

Here's a test to help you decide whether you agree with McCain's vision for this country or if you agree with Obama's vsion. So without knowing which Presidential candidate said it, decide which statements you agree with, and learn which candidate supports your viewpoint most closely.


For the last seven years a Boobie-Thon has been held to raise money for Susan G. Komen For The Cure. This is from the web site.

2008 marks the Seventh Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon. Bloggers from all over the globe send in photos of their boobies (covered and uncovered) to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research. In the past six years we have raised over $40,000.00 for Breast Cancer Research and we are back to do it all again on October 1, 2008! The 2008 event kicks off on Wednesday October 1, 2008 and will run for one full week, ending at 11:59 pm on Tuesday October 7, 2008. Just as we have done in the past, the first $359.00 raised will go towards the Bloggers-Helping-Bloggers portion of the event. All remaining money will go to Komen. For more detailed information about the Blogger Boobie-Thon and how it started, please visit The History of the Boobie-Thon written by Robyn in 2005. You can also find another “History of the Boobie-thon” at

Here is my submission.

I wanted to submit the unedited picture, but thought it would be too scary.

Now do your part and show your rack for a good cause!