Saturday, April 30, 2005


I stood looking out the front window late this morning, so happy to see the world finally coming back to life. Everything is getting so green all of a sudden now that it's raining.

Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love spring.

Everything coming back to life after the long winter of drab browns. I almost hate winter, but then it snows and looks so beautiful. The browns of winter don't look so bad after all, against the freshly fallen snow. But spring is best.

The Hospice volunteer came today at 1:00 to stay with my wife so I could go out for two hours. It was nice driving slowly through the neighborhood looking at all the flowers and flowering trees blooming. Looking at how green the grass is getting again. The shine on everything from the rain making it look all the more beautiful.

I love spring.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Nice day today

I woke up this morning, which was a very good start to the day. I looked over and my wife was staring at the ceiling. That was another very good thing. I went to work, made it through the day and got home safe. "Nice." Next thing I know it's 9:15 pm and my son walked through the door none the worse for wear. Another very good thing. Amazing how you learn to appreciate the small things in life. Isn't it? Makes you wonder what really is important.

Updated the Blog

Ewwwww............................. I made a few additions to this blog. This is going to take some work to set up and make it look decent. I think I'll look around and see what the rest of you are doing to get some ideas.

Monday, April 25, 2005

My Mother-In-Law Went Back to Florida

Well, she didn't exactly leave yet. She leaves tomorrow morning, but that's close enough, I guess. The good bye was pretty sad because I'm pretty sure she realizes that today was probably the last time she will see her daughter alive. My father-in-law is pretty sick too, so she doesn't get north too much because she needs to take care of him.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Let me introduce myself

I'm 56 year old, recently widowed, with one son. I used to work full time in an electronics company in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. I say used too because I retired on February 10, 2006. Woo Hoo!!!

Maybe I'd better start at the beginning.

I was born in 1948 in Windber Pennsylvania and grew up in Florida. I lived there until 1963 when my mother sent me to live with my father and step mother on Long Island. I graduated high school in 1966 and was drafted in 1968.

Off to Vietnam in October and wounded about a month later, four days after my 20th birthday. I had an out of body experience when I was wounded and saw myself lying dead on the ground. Interesting experience. I spent three months in various military hospitals recovering and then off to Fort Meade Maryland for the remainder of my two years. I was honorably discharged in May 1970.

I met my wife on Labor Day weekend that year and we were married in July 1972. We had a boy in April 1982 and named him Brian. He turned 23 last April.

Life was pretty good for us up until May 2003. That is when they discovered Barbara had malignant brain cancer. They originally estimated she could survive between two months and two years but not to expect anything more. She passed away on October 17, 2005. I miss her a great deal. God rest her soul.