Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chef Farmer HNT

You all know I'm a world famous gourmet chef, but did you also know I'm a world famous farmer too? Therefore, just call me Chef Farmer. Get it? Chef Farmer. LOL, I crack me up!!! LOL!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Last week I received an email from the local fish market, The Fish Store. It's in Bayport and has some of the best fresh seafood around. The email advertised a $20 make-at-home dinner special.

8 Pc. Shrimp Cocktail
1 lb. Box of Barilla Pasta
16 oz. Marinara Sauce (Sweet or Fra Diavlo)
½ lb. Cultivated Prince Edward Island Mussels
6 pcs. Local Little or Top Neck Clams
6 pcs. of large Shrimp (peeled and deveined)
¼ lb. Carolina Bay Scallops
1 Loaf of Delicious Italian Bread
Dessert choice of Rice Pudding, Bread Pudding, or Black and white pudding.

That seemed like a great deal, so Saturday on our way home, Lori and I stopped at the Fish Store and picked it up. We choose bread pudding and fra diavlo sauce. I made it on Sunday for dinner.

Here's what we bought, less the bread pudding, because I forgot to put in out when I took the picture.

I tasted their sauce, but it was too plain for me. I always doctor up anything pre-made. I added a few tablespoons of chopped garlic, the more the better as far as we are concerned; a health number of shakes of Italian seasoning and some fresh herbs from my garden. Let's not forget a few shakes of red pepper flakes.

Here's my garden. I love it and highly recommend you all get one. Tell them I sent you and they'll ask you who the fuck is he?

I harvested chives for extra onion flavor.....

(Psst, this is my HNT pic this week.)

..... and some basil for that, uh, basil taste?

(Psst, this is my other HNT pic this week.)

I added the herbs to the sauce and simmered it for a while while Lori and I had a bunch of gin & tonics and the shrimp cocktail.

When a while was up, I added the seafood to the sauce and simmered it for a short while.

Mean while, I pre-heated the broiler for the garlic bread I would be making.

When I figured that was enough a while's, I sprinkled the Italian bread with EVOO graded cheese and chopped garlic and turned on a pot of water for the pasta.

After several a while's more, I cooked the pasta and the garlic bread.


How's it look?

Happy Mouth Watering HNT from the Chef Farmer!


SIMPLY ME said...

oh, I could just nibble on those basil nipples of yours, oh wait, I do! Happy Farming, HNT

Sandi said...

Oh that does look yummy!
Love the basil nipple pic..heh.. you are too cute! :)


Hella said...

I so wanna come to your place for dinner now!

Kittie Kate said...

Next time invite me over!

Oh, and I still haven't thought of a punishment for the Super Bowl loser. I'll think of something.

Happy HNT!

barman said...

I was a wondering ... does that grow light make other things grow too? Don't mind me, just making thinking to myself.

I love the garden. I saw something similar on TV and I thought it look interesting.

I am not a big seafood lover but I bet seafood from where you are and anything Chef Farmer cooks would be wonderful. Actually the ingredients sound pretty good.


Kittie Kate said...

I got the idea!

You have to write an erotic story about yourself if your team loses. You have to be in the story. It could be truth or fiction, but you have to be in the story. No mushy, boring tales either. It has to be erotic! It has to be a story that will make you have to take a cold shower. That's the deal.

We'll see how good your imagination is. ;)
We'll see if your imagination could make someone pop a cork. I know mine can.

Kittie Kate said...

Want to add...

Posing nekkid is nothing. But a story that makes someone have to take a cold shower or gets an orgasm, now that is a challenge. Are you up to it? ;)

LushlyMe said...

You are giving me wicked ideas about my herb garden. HHNT!

Tomscockwhore said...

Do you always cook naked?


Zoely said...

Looks tasty! You are such a funny goofy guy! HHNT!!

SignGurl said...

Chef Farmer, you are the basil in my day. I love a hot farmer!

Happy HNT!

TK Kerouac said...

My stomache was grumbling while reading this,
Love your naked chef photos
you should start your own show now and Lori can be your sidekick

Happy HNT kids!!!!!!!

Lapis Ruber said...

I've heard of fig leaves being used to cover a man's nakedness but never basil leaves. Inventive as always :-)
Happy HNT.

S said...

OK I just love that little garden! If I had just ONE empty surface in my house, I would love to have that!

You always make me laugh.
One day, I am coming over for dinner, and I love Italian. Bring on the garlic.


lime said...

i'm dying here with your basil over the nipples pose. that's hilarious. i just harvested a little basil and clipped the chives this week. now that i think about it if i had made a bathing suit from the four leaves of basil and few strings of chives i'd be all set for carnival on tuesday!

great shots!


Monogram Queen said...

Chef Farmer it looks DELICIOSO! (er the food doesn't look bad either!)

Bunny said...

Dinner looks yummy and so do you, dear! Lori is a lucky gal!


jillie said...

I could eat the garlic bread. The rest of it would kill me in about 30 seconds. DEATHLY ALLERGIC TO ALL SEAFOOD! Boooooohooooo!!!!

Love those

SeaRabbit said...

It's a shame I am not into seafood... but I will steal your recipe anyway for my love...;-)
Great pics here... and after reading you on TK, I can tell you that you are damned sexy!!!

BTExpress said...

Lori - I'll harvest the purple basil tomorrow just before your arrival tomorrow. ;-)

Sandi - It was yummy, thanks.

Hella - If your ever in the area, your invited.

Kate - I'm not much of a porno writer, so can we think of something else?

Bryan - Interesting thought. I'll have to give it a try.

LushlyMe - I'd love to see pictures of that. ;-)

Tomscockwhore - Pretty much as long as my son is out of the house and I know when he's expected home. I should be a nudist.

Zoely - Goofy, funny and tasty. I you meant the food, but I'll take tasty for my pics anyway.

Sign - Aw, ain't you sweet, thanks. :-)

TK - Excellent idea. I could have naked guests each week and you could be the first guest. :-) Do you know any producers?

Lapis Ruber - I didn't have any fig leaves so had to use what was available.

Susie - Your welcome for dinner anytime. I'll even let you bring a date.

Lime - :-D I volunteer to help make the suit. You'd look great dressed in basil and chives, tasty too.

Patti - Thanks you naughty girl.

Bunny - Aw, thanks. :-)

Jillie - I'm so sorry. I can't imagine living without any type of food, because I like it all, especially seafood.

Searabbit - But you haven't had Chef Farmer's seafood and thanks for the compliment. Your too sweet. :-)

Moosekahl said...

I think I need to come for cook like I do. Start with a base and tinker to your heart's content. Happy HNT

Tara Tainton said...

Do you know how much we LOVE seafood? Oh, PLEASE cook for us and have us over for dinner some time!! ;)

Will you do the basil dance for us too??? ;)