Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Stepmother Can Do This Too

I'll bet this is one of the reasons why my dad fell in love with her? ;-)


lecram said...

hey, swing by my blog... my latest post may be of interest to you.

barman said...

Oh my. Isn't her tongue unusually long? Wow. I wonder what one can do with that???

Sexy Duet said...

On Gene Simmonds that is sexy, but it just looks so wrong on a girl!


Monogram Queen said...

Oh my! My husbands tongue can rival hers :)

jillie said...

My friend in WI could hold a FULL shot glass on her tongue! All those wonderful hidden talents...LMAO

BTExpress said...

Barman - For one, she can lick the inside of the empty peanut butter jar clean, and two through eleven, ask any woman. ;-)

Ms SD - I think it's hot!

Patti - Your a VERY, VERY lucky girl then. ;-)

Jillie - Just thinking of that makes me weak in the knees.

Samantha Alice said...

My best friend can lick her own elbow.

You just tried it, didn't you?

She can also drive down the road with her ankle behind her neck.

Flexible chick. Is it any wonder why I love her so?

But kinda ew-y that you know this about your stepmommy, eh?