Sunday, January 06, 2008


My/the New York Giants just won their first playoff game!!!! WOOT, WOOT!!!!!!!

Next week they'll kick the Dallas Cowboys asses (Sandi)!!!!!!

LET'S GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!

Good luck San Diego for my ever so beautiful, sexy, klutzy friend Jillie Bean!!!!!

Edit: The Chargers won! Congratulations Jillie!!!!


SignGurl said...

Go Giants!!

Kittie Kate said...

I need to have a team to root for since my Bears didn't make it.

David said...

Well, you won't get much of a rise out of Sandi, Tony. The Cowboys don't wear skates, so she just won't care much. And I'm just not ready to adopt them as my team.....I'm still a Lions fan....all this....winning and scoring and playoff stuff is just too...unfamiliar to Lions fans.

Patti said...

Yeah for the Giants beating the Cowboys. I'm all for that.

Go Packers!