Friday, January 11, 2008

The nature of men

Not too long ago I signed up for a daily email at a web site called "Funniest Stuff on the Net". This is one of the latest videos I received and I think you get a kick out of it. The last scene is particularly funny.

The nature of men. Click to watch.

You can subscribe to videos like this here. Funniest Stuff on the Net.


Sandi said...

Heh.. that is too funny.. I love the girl punching her guy! :)

Patti said...

I'm not much of a video person, sadly but thanks Tony!

lime said...

lol, i just knew the girl at the end was going to bash her bf.

jillie said...

LOL...I think the 3rd guy didn't even flinch.

Enjoy your football wknd. Can't wait to beat the pants off of the Giants! Ooooh, I had better not jinx myself!


barman said...

I just do not understand why the guy got in trouble. He wasn't doing anything wrong.

Jodes said...

ha!! love it - my news is out.