Thursday, December 20, 2007

Three Christmas Wishes HNT

This weeks HNT isn't the normal HNT. Mr HNT asked us to pick three HNT participants/bloggers and then tell the world what we'd wish for them for Christmas if we had the means to do so. This was not an easy decision. There are a lot of people I'd like to give wishes too, but I had to settle for three.


My first Christmas gift wish was a no brainer. I did a post about them last Friday, it is for Samantha and Don. Their son will be deployed to Iraq on January 2nd and Sam may be deployed at anytime.

My gift to them would be peace in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Zoely gets my second Christmas wish. She is about to head out into unknown territory, Maine. She could have picked a better time of the year WARMER WEATHER, but sometimes we don't have a choice in some things.

My gift to her is a paid for credit card with a never ending balance.

That way she can buy lots and lots and lots of warm clothes for her and her kids and a never ending supply of fuel oil/natural gas/wood to heat her abode and keep her and her offspring warm.

If she is so inclined, maybe she'll also buy some sexy lingerie and post the pics.

I'd even chip in a few bucks out of my pocket for that. How about you?

Edit: I've been corrected, she's moving to Vermont. Same difference as far as I'm concerned. It's still fucking cold!


Then there is the third recipient of my Christmas wishes. I'll give you two guesses who it is; here's the clues.

Clumsy: kləm-zē
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): clum·si·er; clum·si·est
Etymology: probably from obsolete English clumse benumbed with cold lacking dexterity, nimbleness, or grace b: lacking tact or subtletyawkward or inefficient in use or construction: unwieldy
Synonyms: See awkward

Did you guess?


Here's another hint.

You still didn't guess?

Okay, here's the last clue. You have to be able to guess who it is with this one.

Yep, it's Jillie, the ultimate Green Bay Packer fan.

My first gift for her is a cool looking cheese bra like the one on the chick above. Jillie already has the cheese head. Besides, I really want to see Jillie model it for me. She is hot! ;-)

Then there is the most important wish for her, gracefulness.

(See the definition above for a hint why.)

The poor thing really needs this, badly! Last year she fell stepped off a curb and required surgery on her ankle. Not once, but twice.


And for the rest of you horn dogs that came here to see some skin this fine day, here's a naughty picture of me taken by my baby when we were in Las Vegas.

Merry HNT Christmas Y'all!


Zoely said...

LOL tyvm sweetie. It's actually Vermont, but i'll take the credit card any way!

BTExpress said...

Don't forget the lingerie pics, k?

lime said...

LOL, i so totally agree with that gift for jillie. i can say that since i am every bti as klutzy as she is and because i adore her. fab wishes each one.

S said...

LOL Great gifts!
Yeah um we forgot to get Lime some stuff like a helmet and a safety line didnt we?

HHNT Tony!

jillie said...

OMG Tony!!! That is BRILLIANT and I laughed so hard. You are the BEST!!!! Well, if it makes you feel any better, you can "almost" see my boobies under my "got brett"!!!



Vixen said...


Awesome. happyHNT!

BTExpress said...

Jillie - I'm glad my gifts made you happy, but your "almost" boob pic is a bit lacking in, uh, details. If you get my drift. I even tried Photoshop, but just couldn't get the detail that would make it a proper boobie pic. But I'll take what I can get. Thanks. ;-)

Shibari said...

I LOVE this post... BTE you are hilarious and sweet and tender... :) thank you for being you merry xmas...

Your Christmas gift: A trip to Vegas ... where Tara and I BOTH are in attendance this time. :)

barman said...

Wow, great wishes but somehow I think some of those wishes are for you! I no, duh!

As for Jillie, a cheese bra. Interesting thought but I do not know. Maybe you could make it out of swiss cheese. Oops, I am being bad. And the gracefullness... now that would be a Christmas Miracle. Just kidding Jillie.

Tricia said...

I wish very much to see Zoely in her lingerie too. I think we all do ;)

That bum pic made my night!


Mark Leslie said...

LOL! Great list of gifts. But I really want to know who it was that drew the funny face on yer bum. It's perfectly hilarious. :) Happy HNT!

MizMouthy said...

These are great BT :)
Whatta sweetie!
I love the new version of the Las Vegas
Happy HNT!

Bunny said...

Wonderful wishes, BTExpress! A Merry Christmas to and your baby!!

TK Kerouac said...

Great gifting BT, very funny
Your bum is even smiling
Merry Christmas to you and Lori
Happy HNT!

p.s. take good care of your pet monkey

patti_cake said...

Tony you should have sent out your Christmas card like that! Classic!

Anonymous said...

lol...dude, Santa has a pig snout ;)

I'll take Brett Favre too. He's got plenty of money.

BTExpress said...

Barman - Swiss cheese huh? Great idea. I may have had myself in mind just a little for a couple of the gifts. ;-)

Tricia - Glad my bum made you smile. :-)

Mark - Thanks, I drawed it all by myself. :-)

MizMouthy - Thanks! :-)

Bunny - And thank you too. :-)

TK - I loved the gifts and that monkey will be good company when Lori's not here. Being its a girl monkey and all. ;-)

Patty Cake - I don't think my mom would appreciate it. LOL

Slick - You'll have to beat off a few of the ladies to get at Brett.

Jes said...

Hahaha!! I love the Christmas pic! Haha!

And I thought your wishes were so sweet! Happy HNT...although it's already Friday here!

Hope you and Lori enjoy your holidays! I'm expecting lots of pictures of delicious American holiday food!

SignGurl said...

You gave the perfect gifts!!

I'd like to kiss that Santa ;)

BTExpress said...

Jes - Thanks and enjoy your vacation in Thailand. (FYI y'all, She teaches in South Korea, so it's not that far)

I'll take the pictures as you requested, but you do remember that I cook ala commando, don't you? Or is that why your asking? ;-)

SignGurl - You bad, bad gurl! :-) I'd like you to kiss him to. My next trip to Michigan I'll make sure you get the chance. ;-)

gab said...

Merry Christmas Tony and Lori

Chelle said...

Awesome gifts!!! Love the last "skin" pic!! hehe

Merry Christmas, TOny!!! :)

David said...

That last picture....well....that's just wrong.

But have a Merry Christmas!!