Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Day After Christmas!

I hope you got lucky, as in you received all the gifts you were hoping for. I sure did and more. My son got me a 27 inch TV for my bedroom. My old 24 inch one was starting to go, so if he didn't get one for me, I soon would have had to buy one for myself.

I gave Brian a tool kit, so he'll stop using mine and then maybe I'll be able to find my tools when I need them. I also got him a new electric razor. He's been complaining about razor burn, so he was very happy I gave him that. His big present was a VISA gift card so he could buy new hockey equipment. He has been playing roller hockey in a league where they use a ball. In January they move to a different league and move up to the A division. This league uses a puck and getting hit by a puck hurts a hell of a lot more than getting hit by a ball. That means that he has to outfit himself with different types of protective equipment. I gave him enough money so he can buy new skates too.

In the afternoon Brian went to his girl friend's house and I went to Lori's. But first we both went to the cemetery to visit Barbara. I never saw so many people there at one time before. There was a constant flow of cars in and out.

Lori made a turkey breast with all the trimmings for dinner. It turned out perfectly and everything was excellent. But before dinner we exchanged gifts. Her kids gave me gin and tonic, a fancy Margaretta kit, a hand tool that makes cutting vegetables, etc., easier and a muti-pack of different flavors of hot sauce. I love spicy food! I got them all VISA gift cards. I gave her son the new Guinness Book of World Records, one daughter I gave a Starbucks card and the other girl I gave her just what she wanted. Five boxes of Kraft macaroni & cheese and five cans of tuna. I know that sounds like a strange gift, but the girl could live on that stuff.

Lori gave me a bunch of stuff and I gave her a bunch of stuff too. I'll post about that later, but first I have to get outside and pick up the bags & stuff that held the Luminarios. For the last 25 years, every house in our beach association has put them out every Christmas Eve, weather permitting. We line the streets in front of our homes with them.

FYI: Luminarios are small brown paper sacks, half filled with sand and a candle placed in the sand. On Christmas Eve these are lit, it will help in guiding the Christ child to this home.


Libby said...

tony, it sounds like you had a great Christmas! i got tif a tool set too!!! the one she's been begging for for years! it;s a PINK toolbox, with tons of tools in it!!

Trojan said...

I got smashed would have been proud...

Merry Holidays

jillie said...

Those are really pretty. I've oftened wondered if they burn up. With my luck, they would! That's what we DON'T need again in so cal...MORE FIRES.