Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Favorite HNT of 2007

For HNT this week, Os wants us to choose our favorite 2007 HNT. Here is a summary of the rules.

For the last HNT of the year, it's time to go back to YOUR OWN archives and choose YOUR favorite HNT of 2006 2007. This is the one that YOU think is best. Post the picture again, and let us know why it's your favorite. Link back to the original, if you want.

This was tough, because I liked them all. Well, most of them anyway. The Root Canal HNT was at the very bottom of the list. I went back through my HNTs and finally decided on the SUPER BOWL FANTASY HNT posted on February 8th. This HNT was done jointly with Lori. She posted Part One on her blog and I posted Part Two on mine. Doing this one was a lot of fun. Click on the links and I'm sure you'll be able to figure out why.

Now for my favorite picture. Since this post was a two parter, I felt the need to post my favorite picture from each part.

"What's better than watching the big game, with the Nudist Rules in effect..."

"...and being served food and grog by your favorite sexy wench?"

There is nothing better!

Wait! Now that I think of it there are a few things that are better and they all include my favorite sexy wench.

If you are so inclined, all 125 of my HNT posts are available here.


Click on the lady's boobies to join the fun.

No, not Lori's boobies you horn dog. The lady's in red below.



Kittie Kate said...

I like that one!
Happy HNT!
I'm up!

Thanks for your email address. I sent you an email.

lecram said...

LOL... I loved that again You are just a couple of snuggle bunnies! Cheers and Happy HNT, my friend!!

Osbasso said...

You're a lucky man, Tony!

BTExpress said...

Kate - I liked your's too, A LOT!

Lecram - Thanks. :-)

Osbasso - Yes I am. Not many find happiness like me twice in their life.

As A Phoenix said...

Damn! I am more of a wench gal myself but Lori looks AMAZING!!
Happy HNT lovebirds!
(issues with signing in with blogger)

lime said...

lol, you guys have had some really fantastic ones this year. good choice.


Vixen said...

Good choice! And loooooooove the French Maid pic!!!


Wirthy said...

Beer and a sexy wench. What else does one need?

BTExpress said...

As A Phoenix - I agree Lori looks amazing, but what about me? Guess you aren't into "plus size" guys. :-(

Lime - Thanks, I loved making everyone. You have some amazing ones too. I really enjoyed your favs.

Vixen - You'd make an excellent wench too.

Wirthy - Almost nothing is better, except when she does ______ and _______ and then there is ______ _______ ______ with her doing _______ ______ in the swing.

Sexy Duet said...

I love that pic of Lori, great choice! Happy HNT


Zoely said...

LOL i remember this post!
You rock BT!

Anonymous said...

MMMM - beer and boobs! Doesn't get any better! LOL HHNT!

SignGurl said...

My God you two are the sexiest thing on HNT! I love your socks! I'm so glad we have you both to keep all of us excited.

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday and Happy New Year!

Tricia said...

You two are a perfect pair!

Have a great new year!


Lapis Ruber said...

Yes, I can see why they would be your favorites - they must bring back some good memories! Happy HNT and Happy New Year to come.

Cosima said...

Wonderful! May the coming year bring even nicer adventures to the two of you!

TK Kerouac said...

LMAO, the black socks made if for ya, you guys kill me

Happy Holiday favorites!!!

Snow White said...

What a HOT way to end the year! Great choices. Happy HNT & HNY! xox

patti_cake said...

I love Lori's outfit! Hubba!

Anonymous said...

You are right, your HNTs rocked all year long... What a puzzle to choose only one!!!

Keyser Soze said...

That's just hellaciosuly good! HHNT!

Moosekahl said...

Football always leads to fun! Happy HNT

jillie said...

Nice shot Tony! You guys are the reading about you. Always having fun!


Ruthie said...

You know, I am definitely a guy lovin gal but Lori is just HAWT!!
I love football and nudity as much as you do...

Lets just say I would def drive the bus for yall if given the chance! haha

Mark Leslie said...

Nice run down of your faves - I fondly remember them all (with, of course, the same misgivings about the root canal one)