Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Sometime on Sunday Lori lost one of her glue-on nails. She didn't know exactly where she lost it. She looked in all the places she remembers where she could have lost it, but she never found it.

Well, this evening I found it and she was very happy, but me, not so much. Why may you ask?


Yes, my mouth! It was in my drink.

How did it get in my drink you ask? There is only one way.

Well, three ways, but those ways aren't part of this story.

Sometime Saturday after 4:00 pm (Happy Hour in my house starts daily at 4:00 pm) Lori made a round of our gin & tonics and her nail was knocked off by the ice when she reached in the ice maker bin. This evening when I made a drink, I must have grabbed the long lost finger nail along with the ice and dropped it in my glass.

A short time later while we were watching TV in bed, I took a drink and felt something, other than gin & tonic or ice, in my mouth. I took it out and low and behold, it was the long lost finger nail. She was really happy, but me, I was a bit grossed out.

Come on, I had no idea where that finger nail hand been. It could have been anywhere, even in naughty places. Okay, that would be HOT! I love her naughty places, but that's another story. But what if that finger nail had been in, well, you know, other places not so HOT? Never mind, I like all her places if you get my drift.

Anyway, finding a finger nail in my drink is not exactly something I wanted to ever find in my drink again.

What's the worst thing you ever found in your drink or food?


mrs. m said...

1. A hair in my chicken teriyake.
2. A "hair" from one of those heavy-duty super-scrubber steel wool pads.

lime said...

i don't think it's the worst thign i ever found but once i ordered a piece of cheesecake from a deli. the girl handed it to me with a long hair hanging over the top of it. she even looked at the hair and then looked at me as she was handing it to me. i declined and said, 'i'd like a piece that doesn't need a shave, thank you.' i can't believe she actually expected me to take it like that.

Monogram Queen said...

Human hair, ACK. I would have been a little skeeved by the fingernail also even if if it belongs to someone I love LOL

Libby said...

...a string when i was a kid, in a school lunch! anything since then, well, i've probably just swallowed it, with my luck..i wonder what would be in an x-ray?

Amyella said...

I think it's FANTASTIC that you have a daily happy hour at your house! LOL I should look into that... :)

jillie said...

I found a dead fly in my French toast when I was in TX. They wanted to still charge me for it because I ate part of it. WTF!!?? If I knew it was there, I wouldn't have touched it.

Trojan said...

I was like 18 at a kegger and trashed. i started drinking my beer and wound up with a mini bar-b-q weiner in my mouth..half eaten and NOT mine.


BTExpress said...

Man, you guys have eaten, well, almost eaten worse things than the fake finger nail.

Fabulous Me - I could deal with the hair, but metal is just not safe.

Lime - The chick was an ass. WTF was she thinking? Did you notice if she just plucked the hair and gave the same piec e back to you?

Patti Cake - I so agree

Libby - I don't even want to guess....LOL

Amyella - Yea, it's a fun time in my place after 4PM everyday except on weekends. Happy Hour is 24-7 on weekends! Want to join us? FYI, your blog is secret. Can you get me in, please?

Jillie - I found a live beetle once and they got pissed off I didn't want to pay for the drinks I already drank. WFT were they thinking. It was just a couple of drinks!?

Trojan - You win. Half eaten food is by far the worst! At least you were toasted. Things just don't seems so bad then.

Trojan said...

I think i puked after that...rightfully so:P

BTExpress said...

I don't blame you. That really is gross.

C.J Hixon said...

I think I can top all of these suggestions.

Bird Crap.

I'm in the beer garden of a pub in the deepest darkest parts of the west country, summers day, half drunk pint of guinness, take a swig and the three bastards i'm sitting with burst out laughing...

You could see it's gravel like qualities cling to the side of the glass.
Needless to say I threw up and promtly orderd a bottled beer from the bar...

Good times.

BTExpress said...

C.J Hixon - Ewwwww.... You have the lead so far. The sad part is that it ruined a Guinness, but I'm glad to hear it didn't stop you from drinking. Now that would be really sad.