Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Heard the First Beep After Dinner.

Every few minutes I heard it again, and again and again and again.
All through the evening I heard the beeping.
At first I thought it was the TV.
Nope, not that.
Then I thought it was the smoke detector.
Nope, not that either.
Then what the fuck is it?
It was driving me crazy.
Seemed to be coming from the hall, so I sat in there while I chatted on my laptop with Lori.
For a solid 1/2 hour I never heard the beep.
So back to my recliner I went.
It's, it's, it's coming from, uh, uh...........
I have no idea where it is coming from.
There it is again.
This beeping has been going off and on for hours!
Where the fuck is it coming from?
I will not sleep tonight until I find the source of this beeping.
There is goes again.
I know, the batteries in the smoke detectors are low!
Nope, I changed them and still that fucking beeping is there.
Now what?
Now don't move Tony.
Just listen and see where it is coming from.
But I already tried that you idiot!
What do you think I am, stupid?
Sorry..... :-(
What do you suggest?
How should I know?
There it is again!
I stand in the door way to the basement.
There it is, down stairs.
I walk down the stairs and stand motionless at the bottom of the stairs.
I wait and wait for that god awful beeping sound.
There it goes again.
I walk into the other side of the basement door and it dawns on me.
That fucking carbon monoxide detector is beeping.
About every minute or two now.
That's the signal the battery is low.
I get a new 9 volt battery from the den and replace the old one in the carbon monoxide detector.

The beeping has been silenced for another year!
Hooray! Let's just hope I remember what that beeping sound is next year.


jillie said...


LMAO...hey thanks for the call from you and Lori and I had the Giants picked in my pool. WTF! I did pretty crappy on this weeks picks with ALL the teams. It almost looked like your team was playing on ice and brrrrrr...it looked cold!

As for the snow stories Tony....I don't believe you! lol

Lurker said...

OMG lmfao! I laugh with you not at you. Ours in the kitchen went off in the middle of the night and for the life of me, I could NOT get the battery box open and once I FINALLY accomplished that (all the while the beeping is piercing my eardrums) I couldn't get the battery OUT. I threw the damn thing off of the deck and went back to bed. Yes, I eventually fixed it, but FUCK was that annoying.

Libby said...

ok, and does anyone ever leave the house when they realize it's a warning of sudden death? *smirk*

BTExpress said...

Jillie - LOL! I swear, it really did snow. I'm a bit shaky on the rest of it though, being old and all. ;-)

It was cold, but the Giants live where it's cold, so that's no excuse. They just aren't that good and Manning never developed into the kind of quarterback everyone expected him to be.

Lurker - I guess there wasn't a fire then.

Libby - I've heard the CO2 alarm go off before and that wasn't it. A gasoline pressure washer was next to the basement window and set it off, so I wasn't worried this time. It was just a faint beep, every so often and I just couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

barman said...

I have done that beep thing several times before. Once it was my cell phone reminding me someone left me a message which is interesting because I do not have that feature. Another time it was a smoke detector. But the worst thing ever was when my CO detector did the very same thing you described.

It was, of course, the middle of the night. I set up in bead and tried to get my bearing. Then after if made a sound I went in that direction and waited for the sound again. With how loud and clear it was I would never guess it was coming from my basement.

About 30 minutes later I had it all figured out and I had pulled the battery out so I could get some sleep an replace it in the morning. What an enoying little sound. But the good news, that very same dector has saved my life once so I think I will just learn to like what ever noise it makes.

Oh my, was that a wine detector I heard going off at the top of these replies. I think I shall have to track it down. :)

Jillian said...

I hate when that happens!!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh lord that would drive me NUTS!

SignGurl said...

I thought you were going to say it was your admirers texting you.

BTExpress said...

Barman - I hope you silenced the wine alarm.

Jillian - So, I'm not alone, huh?

Patty Cake - It was driving me nuts. Thank goodness I found what it was.

SignGurl - No, the only text messages I get are reminding me to add minutes to my pre-paid phone account.

Shumpy said...

last time that happened to me it was the smoke detector and I broke my tailbone trying to kill it in the middle of the night!