Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today is Election Day In The United States of America!

If your lucky enough to live in this country and even more lucky to have the right to vote, get your ass over to the polls today and vote!

If you give up that right and choose not to vote, I don't want to hear any of your
frigging bitching and moaning about how this country is run.

WTF are you waiting for?




"Vote early and vote often!"
Al Capone


barman said...

I am doing a write in campaign for Tony for Governer of Michigan. Hope you do not mind a little travel.

I took today off to get things done and one of those things is to vote about 10:30. Several races I would rather not vote for and a few proposals I know how I want to vote but I am worried ... still I will make my voice heard.

Good for you Tony. Have a great day. Oh and I am going to an election party tonight. That should be fun. I have not been to one of those in years and the ones I have been to were the company I worked for (we did political research and exit polling among many other things). Just another new life experience.

jillie said...

Yes who can forget that today is election day with all the commercials and phone calls. I hear you AND agree with you 100% on the right to vote and bitching about it. Too many people DON'T vote and then complain...I just want to tell them to SHUT THE F%#K UP! Love your show :o)

Beth said...

I DID! Geez! Stop yellin!

techymike said...

I voted! Now please tell the bad people to take their ads off of the television!


Libby said...

i'm gonna vote with my daughter when she gets off work!

BTExpress said...

Barman - Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don't mind traveling at all since the costs will be born by all the taxpayers in Michigan. Maybe with my new found power, I can get a bus stop put in front of my mom's apt building in Dearborn.

Jillie - Thanks for voting. That will get you an extra big hug when I see you guys on Thursday. :-)

QoA - Sorry. :-( This election is just so important I get all worked up.

TM - I called them all and they said today would be the last day they run. Hope that helps.

Libby - Hurray for you both!

Angela said...

Here, here I second that!!!! :-).
Oh and wowser your Birthday minus the cheesecake thingy (How dare you btw!!!*wink* cheesecake is the queen of all cakes*LOL*) sounded like a dream of all dreams:-). Glad it was a great one for ya.

Sarah said...

I voted at 10:30 am in ypsilanti michigan.

hope you love me even more for that...

Tommy said...

Done and Done. I even took my Uncle Boudreaux to the polls today.Course he's been dead for three years but in Louisiana, thats encouraged. Gotta make sure the corpses exercise their franchise, it's about all the exercise they get.

lime said...

been there, done that, have the sticker....and i am so disgusted with the field of candidates here in PA the ONLY reason i voted was so i can reserve the right to bitch, whine, maion, and rant about the mofos who get elected.

gab said...

YES I DID!!!!!

BTExpress said...

Thank you all so very much for voting and making a difference!