Thursday, November 23, 2006

San Diego Stop on the BTExpress 2006 Blogger Tour – Day One

FYI: San Diego was my third stop on the 2006 BTExpress Blogger Tour. You can read about my first two stops here and here.


When we landed at the San Diego Airport, we got our luggage, made our way to the rental car shuttle bus stop and took took the shuttle bus to the Avis lot and got the rental car. Nice car, a 2007 Grand Am with just over 2,000 miles. The thing still smelled new. When I reserved the car, I took the option of renting a GPS for the trip.
I have a GPS on my boat and wouldn’t do any boating without it. I didn't know if I'd need the GPS on this trip, but we would have never found my way around San Diego without it. The GPS talks to you with verbal instructions as well as showing you where you are and where you’re heading with a map. I plugged in the address of the hotel and the GPS told me how to get there. How cool is that?

Just a few miles drive and we were at the hotel. We stayed at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn & Suites on Shelter Island in San Diego Bay.

We checked in and took our things to the room. The AC was off so we partially disrobed. Well, at first Lori partially disrobed and then took some pictures of the room and our view out the sliding glass doors to our patio.

Lori took this one after she got partially undressed to take a shower. She took off her top. She opened the curtains and just before she snapped the shutter, a woman walked by and got a free peek of a half-naked Lori.

(Sorry, I didn't get a picture of Lori topless, but there is one of me partially clothed coming up.)

After we unpacked........,

............Lori got in the shower and I got mostly undressed and took out my laptop to check my email for any messages from Jodes. We were meeting her and a few of the Beach Babes for dinner later.

(This is the picture I told you about. It counts as my HNT picture, because I really am half-nekkid, black socks and all.)

No emails from Jodes, but I called her and left a message on her cell phone. She called back and we made arrangements for dinner. Since I didn’t know my way around, they met us in the hotel lobby. They were in the gift shop when we walked in (where else would women be when there is a place to buy stuff close by, huh?); Jodes, Jillie and Dani. It was great to finally meet them in person.

We followed them to Old Venice Italian Restaurant not far from the hotel. Had drink and talked until Twink arrived. Then took some pictures to preserve part of the third stop on the 2006 BTExpress Blog Tour.

Here we are at the table in the restaurant. From left to right; Dani, Jodes, Jillie, Lori, me (the lucky guy surround by hot babes), and Twink.

I even got luckier when Jodes slid over to my side of the table and Lori and her cuddled up for a shot.

Dinner was excellent and we had a great time getting to know each other better. Before you know it, it was time to end the evening. The Beach Babes had to leave and get some rest before getting up at 3:00 am so they could be at the San Diego 3-Day Cancer Walk on time.

What a great way to start the trip!


I wish you all a Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday and a Happy Half-Nekkid Thanksgiving as well!

Gobble, Gobble!


mr ratburn said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! I was just thinking about San Diego as it is raining cats and dogs here and probably wont quit til May.....

Happy Thanksgiving Tony and Lori and all your family!

S said...

Hey thats me up there, but you really oughta go check out Mr Ratburns naughty HNT!

Sandi said...

HHNT and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Regal said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy HNT!

Hollz said...

niceturkey.... Happy hnt

Anonymous said...

That was awesome that you got to go to SD. Some great pics there....

Hope youhave a wonderful Thanksgiving and of course....a Happy HNT!!! heh

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lori!

Anonymous said...

Well then. It's been too long since I've visited!! But you are looking LOVELY as ever!!


Anonymous said...

LOL, looks like a great time, BT ,HHNT!

Sexy Duet said...

Great shots, sounds like a fun trip.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lori!


lime said...

sounds like a really great trip. thanks for sharing. i almost posted that turkey pic myself. it cracks me up every time i see it.

happy turkey day!

Moosekahl said...

I love san diego and it looks like a great group. Happy HNT

gab said...

Happy Happy Tony and Lori! Yes I said that right Happy Thanksgiving and Happy HNT,Love the pics.

Monogram Queen said...

Happy HNT to y'all too Tony. Now when are you coming down South?

LEE ANN said...

Great photos!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy HNT!

BTExpress said...

Thanks everyone. We had a great time on our trip. I'm creating separate post for each day we were in San Diego, so y'all come back now, here!

Patti-Cake - I be in Florida in the spring, but that's a bit to far from you to make a visit. I could be convinced to stop by if you make it worth our while. :-D

Wenchy said...

I love these updates that you do.

jillie said...

Great pics Tony...can't wait to see the rest of the post! Yeah, I know, I'm a little s l o w!!! lol!