Thursday, August 17, 2006

What a Weekend!

Last weekend my son Brian went upstate with his girl friend Cheryl and Lori and I had the place to ourselves from Thursday night until late Sunday night. Lori and I decided we would spend as much of that time as possible abiding by the Official Rules of Nudism.

The week was tough for Lori so Thursday I had a gin and tonic, a bouquet of flowers and two 1 1/2 pound lobsters waiting for her when she got home that night. I didn't get a shot of the flowers or the the drink, but here's one of the lobsters.

Since I cooked dinner, you know what that means? Lori had to clean up.

Saturday and Sunday morning I made breakfast for us. Saturday Lori wanted scrambled eggs, home fries and sausage.

Sunday morning after breakfast we sat outside by the pool finishing the coffee. Lori "suggested" we clean out my refrigerator. Since it hasn't been cleaned out in a while what year is this again? and since I'm basically lazy but not one to turn down free help, especially if it's from a very pretty, hot, naked, sexy babe, I said yes. And since I had the help, we I decided to expand that into cleaning as much of the kitchen as we could get to that day.

We started with the the cabinet under the microwave oven where I store the potatoes and onions. That's where I discovered the mummified potato. (Congratulations for the correct guess on what this object was goes to Stolen Halo and Roxi!) Then we moved on to the the refridgerator where I found the five year old meat.

Once we got started, there was no stopping us until we just plain ran out of time. Here are a couple of the before pictures of the kitchen.

Here are some after shots.

We did a good job, didn't we?

We worked most of the day until the sun started going behind the trees. Then we stopped because we wanted to get in some skinny dipping before the sun went down.

(The picture without the red blocks covering the you know whats can be seen on my HNT blog.)

Let's see, what else happened over the weekend? We went shopping, watched TV and some DVDs, I cooked crab legs one night and we snuggled A LOT. I loose track after the snuggling part, so can't think of anything else right now.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday Y'all!


Sexy Duet said...

You two always seem to have such fun together, even when it is doing household chores. Happy HNT to you both!


barman said...

Please tell me you put on clothes when you went shopping. You don't want someone stealing Lori!

I always love the HNTs you two take part in. And that pool makes a perfect back drop for Lori.

Gee, if I put the Official Rules of Nudism into affect at my place, can I get you two to help with my kitchen? I am afraid I can not match that lobster but I will think of something... Just in case I best go get come gin and tonic.

Awesome HNT and I am glad you have the lobster's pinchers under control. It might have made snuggling a little painfull.

gab said...

WTG u 2! gappt hnt

gab said...

lol I did this in the dark....happy not gappt

Anonymous said...

Glad the lobster didn't attack! Also glad someone finally got you to clean that place out!

Happy HNT =)

patti_cake said...

Happy HHNT to both of you! It's wonderful that you enjoy life so much. You deserve it!

Mommyof3 said... usual!

Jodes said...

great and damn that kitchen looks good.

if you have a chance, I know I have asked before for you to read certain posts of mine, but this one today takes the cake.

MG said...

I swear, the two of you are awesome...

nice job on the kitchen too.


Crimson said...

Very fun, as usual. HHNT!

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL You two are so cute! I just cant wait to come back every week and see what you two are up to!

Tony, I can only imagine what your refrigerator smelled like....

HHNT TOny and Lori~

lime said...

all i can say is wrapped claws or not you are a brave man to cover up with a pair of friggin lobsters!

aughra said...

Goddamn, the two of you are adorable!!

Mark Leslie said...

You two are priceless! Glad to hear it was such a great weekend.

I have to admit, though, that I was glad to see the lobster claws had elastics on them -- you know, to prevent any unnecessary accidents while holding the lobster like that

Happy HNT!

Phain said...

When doing chores nekkid - watch out for bleach splatters!!! ;) *~*happy hnt*~*

MamaKBear said...

I LOVE your cabinets!! Love, love LOVE them! Lobster and skinny dipping!! Y'all are so lucky!

Lucky Pink said...

Woohoo! That looks like my kind of house cleaning, except replace the gin & tonics with glasses of wine. Not that I would turn down and gin & tonic if it was offered to me.

I'm also proud to know that my profound produce knowledge enables me to correctly identify produce even in various states of decomposition.

Anonymous said...

Do you go skinny dipping with live lobsters in the pool? Sounds risky.