Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nigerian Spammer - Part 9

I haven't heard from the bank yet, nor has Ellie May heard back from Willy, but my "Good Partner" Willy sent me another email to calm my concerns about where I was going to get the routing number and the $750 to pay some imaginary fee in Nigeria. Looks like I don't need no stinking routing number if I just open an online bank account.

I think it's really funny that no one seems to even know what a routing number is and all I have to do is ask my bank for it. What dicks these guys are. :-D


Dear Good Partner,

I just received your mail with the point noted.

There is no much problem, I just called my very Good friend that works with an oil company in your country, and I explained everything to him . He has offered to help our situation .

You are advise to go and open an ONLINE BANKING WITH WELLS FARGO BANK so that he can transfer 1000 Dollars to your account, which you will send 940 Dollars and use 60 Dollars as the western union charges.

Once you open the account and send me the following information you use in opening the account, as stated

1: Your Account Number 2: Your House zip code and your full names you use in opening the account

Once you send the following above, I will call my friend to send the cash to your account so that we will be able to offset the bill at hand.

I will do my best to come up with the balance as soon as my friend send the 1000 Dollars to your account and you send 940 Dollars immediately for our mutual benefit

Urgent reply needed.

Barr William


WTF is this with a new "Good friend" and now wanting $940? I must relay my concern to Willy before I open a Wells Fargo account. ;-)


My Dear Partner Willy,
They sure is good news that I ain't got to pay no money cause that'd be tough. But hey! What's the deal with another partner? How much is he getting for coming up with the cash like this. You ain't said we have a nother partner. Can we trust this here guy to keep his mouth shut? Sides the bank only wants $750.000 so where are the rest a the moneys going?
Bestest regards


Yes Patty Cake, people fall for this scam. More people than you'd ever believe. Here's just one of many stories about these con artists you can find on the Internet. This one is from 2004.


Dutch police arrests 52 'Nigerian' spammers

In January, Dutch police have arrested 52 people suspected of large scale internet fraud with the infamous 'Nigerian e-mail' scam.

The scammers sent spam e-mails asking for help in transferring a large sum of money out of their country (usually Nigeria), in exchange for a generous percentage. According to an AP news report, the gang had reaped millions of Euros. A task force of 80 officers raided 23 apartments, seizing computers, fake passports and 50,000 Euro in cash.

Jan Willem Broekema, board member of the Dutch Data Protection Authority explained during the OECD workshop on spam that he expected hundreds more to be arrested in the nearby future, presumably putting a worldwide stop to the Nigerian scam.

Arrests have been made in several countries in recent years, including Australia, Canada, and the United States, but the brunt seemed based in Amsterdam, in a remote high-rise area locally known as 'Bijlmer'. Six people, three from Nigeria and three from Benin, were convicted in a similar case in Amsterdam in May, receiving sentences of up to 4 1/2 years. They had robbed their victims for at least 4 million euros. The most spectacular victim of the gang, a Swiss professor, transferred almost half a million euro. The money was necessary to buy chemicals to clean banknotes with a total value of 36 million US Dollars, the gang told the gullible professor. He was promised 25% of that amount.


You'd think that a professor would be smart enough not to get conned like that.


barman said...

I guess it all speaks to how gready or desperate you are. I mean, when you come right down to it, what is so different between that and the lottery. I guess you at least have a chance of seeing your money agiain with the lottery, but not much of one.

Wlly, Willy, Willy. Tisc, tisc, tisc.

Beth said...

I nice he is to even refer a specific bank to you! Very thoughtful.

gab said...

even as broke and desprate I am for money I would NEVER NEVER send anyone I didnt know money I dont have! and if I did have it I'd keep it to my self. Cause I know I dont know anyone outside of the US