Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nigerian Spammer - Part 12

I've been letting my Good Partner Willy wait. I guess he's getting impatient, because I received this email from him.


Dear Willy,
Hope you have seen my mail ,I expect you to act fast as time is not on our side .I called you immediately before sending this particular mail and a lady picked up the phone and told me that there is none by the name Milburn.
Please you can call me ,or you give to me your direct line .
thanks .


The poor guy is having trouble keeping his aliases straight, because he addressed this one to Willy. Since my alias is Milburn and not Willy, I replied to his email with this.


I'm sorry, but I think you sent this to the wrong person. My name is not Willy.

I'm only replying to this email because of the urgent tone of the message.


I didn't get a reply to that email, but got this one a couple of days later.


Dear Good Partner,
What seem to be the problem opening the account with the Bank of America?Its been long i heard from you ,like i said earlier i called you but a lady picked up the phone and said there was none by your name .
Please i need to know the situation of things ,Keep me updated .thanks a lot .
Barr William Ibru


I thought about how to reply for a couple of days before I sent this email out.


Hi Barr Ibru,
This is not Milburn but his brother Jed. Milburn got his self arrested so he axed me to send you this here email and tell you know he has been arrested so that is why he ain't get back to you in a while. It ain't sereous trouble but he are hasin trouble with the law rite now. He says to tell you he will get back to you as soon as he can. If you need to axe him somthin let me know and I tell him. He should be out a jail by the end a the week so hang in thar okay?


Willy repied to Jed's email with this.


I am very sorry to hear this,well hope you can handle the trouble?Let me know the situation of things.Do tell him i called to find out what the problem is,and that immediately he gets out he should let me know .
Extend my greetings to him.
Best regards .
Barr William Ibru


Nice to know Willy is concerned and that he isn't giving up. LOL!!!

You know what I was thinking? Guess that 7-day time limit for me to open the bank account wasn't a firm requirement, huh?


gab said...

sure wasnt! I think now when you answer as need to tell him that his problem with the law was worse than he figured and will now be in jail oh say a year and ask if there is anything he (jed) could do for him in place of Milburn. LOL

mrs. m said...


Libby said...

you could seriously put all this together as a book called "how to protect your money...for dummies"!!

kb said...

Holy CRAP the Nigerian spammer is still bugging you?! I know I hadn't stopped by your place in a while but LOL

Hope things are well with you!!!


No One In Particular said...

Still hilarious! Do they really think we are this stupid?

jillie said...

love how you misspell so well...ha ha how long has this been dragging out now, a month?

CozyMama said...

hey that one above is me, I was working on a friends blog and forgot i was logged in as her.

BTExpress said...

Gab - Might do that.

No One - Lots of people really are that stupid. It's amazing how many get taken and for some very large sums of money.

Jillie (aka Joes) - I got the first email from Willy on July 15th. These guys usually don't keep trying for this long.