Friday, August 04, 2006

Nigerian Spammer - Part 7

While I let the bank squirm wondering when I was going to send them my "Banking Details", I thought about my partner Willy and how much he must be pineing away for my sister Ellie May. I mean he does seem interested in her right. So I thought an email from her would be in order.


From: "Dallas Ralph"
To: "williamibru14"
Subject: This is from Ellie May

Hi William,

I snuck on my brother Milburn's computer and got your email address. You know him, Milburn Drysdale. He is pissed at you so he wouldn't give it to me. Please don't let him know about this or he skin me alive, ok?

Anyways, I saw your picture and think your cute. Milburn says you liked my pictures so I'm attaching another one here of my and my cousin Merl and me at his wedding. I really like this pictures because it shows off my big tits. I hope you like big tits.

I hope you write me back real soon.

Ellie May

Dallas Ralph is my dog's name so don't be scared at the email name.


Here's the picture I sent. Don't you think my cousin Merl looks an aweful lot like Elvis Presley?



It took longer than I thought, but Ellie May received a reply from William, or is it?

Take note of the name in his email address.


From: "jay-pee odonwodo" (
Subject: This is from william ibru

My Dear Ellie,

I must confess that your picture is real preety .From the way you sound in your note to me,you must be a nice person and a wonderful friend .Well, Thanks a lot for admiering me .

I will love to know you better ,what do you do for a living ,how old her you ,if possible everything about you .

I wont let your brother know what you dont want him to know ,so thats the second reason why i have to write you from my personal email i.d .And the first reason is that the other email is for business purposses.So my Dear Ellie you can now confortably keep in touch with me with this email i.d .

My Dear May, As soon as i conclude my transaction with your brother-Milburn,I look forward to meeting you in your country .

And lastly ,Yes i do like big tits,Just pray that my transaction with your brother works out successfully .o.k

And Please Dear ,Do take care of that body .o.k

Hope to hear from you real soon...................



Oh man, this is going to be good! LOL!!!!


Lucky Pink said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I thought I was going to fall off my chair!!!

gab said...

I cant wait till you do your next part in this matter! I swear one of these days Im going to pee myself because of laughing so hard!

lime said...

oh you are hilarious. too too funny.

and may i add my belated happy birthday wishes for lori

Libby said...

oh, holy hell, tony!!! do you have any idea what you're doing to this idiot??? hahahahahahaha!!!!

BTExpress said...

I'm glad you all are having a good time with this. But not as half a good time as I am. I so look forward to seeing their emails in my Inbox.

Queen of Ass said...

Wooo! Can't wait!

Wenchy said...

can't wait

patti_cake said...


Roxi said...

holy fucking shit.. thats hilarious...

btw... tommorow is my Birthday.. the big 24..