Friday, August 18, 2006

What a Week This Is Going To Be!

Tonight I meet Lori in Riverhead after she gets off of work. We are spending this weekend on eastern Long Island, so I rented a motel room in Riverhead for the weekend so we didn't have to make the extra 30 mile drive each day from my house.

Make sense, right?

Friday night I'm not sure what we will do, other than go out to dinner and catch up on some snuggling.

Saturday we are going to tour the Montauk Point area and will probably stop in the Hamptons on the way. Lori hasn't been to those places and I want to show her around.

Sunday we are going to the Polish Festival in Riverhead. We are going to meet Lori's daughter and friend there so that will be fun. There will be lots of traditional Polish food and beer. I'm half Polish so the festival is going to be a treat for me.

Also on Sunday my son Brian is going to Kismet on Fire Island for a week. He and his friends rented a house there. If you don't know, Kismet is one of about 15 or 16 communities on Fire Island, with Cherry grove being to one most people have heard about. On one side of Fire Island is the Great South Bay and on the other side is the Atlantic Ocean.

Monday morning Lori will go to work and I will go home. When Lori gets off of work on Monday, she will come over to my place. She will be staying with me for the week. She has to go to work each day, but will be coming home to me each night. Since Brian won't be home, the Official Rules of Nudism will be in effect all week.

The following weekend we will be going to the Maritime Festival in West Sayville. That's two days of music, beer, wine, seafood and lots of other things to do. They are even having a hot air balloon ride.

What a week this is going to be! I am so excited!!!!!!!


Libby said...

geez, tony, be careful, you nut!! i'm not gonna tell you not to overdo it cuz that's what summer is for!!

gab said...

Wow what great plans. I get to sit here at home and babysit my grands! I might get to see hubby some but he'll be sleeping most of the time(he'll be working nights for awhile)So I will be reading all about everyone elses good time. Have a great weekend!

aughra said...

You guys have the greatest times together! Have fun at the Polish fest - have some pierogi for me.

mrs. m said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOH, that sounds like SOOOOO MUCH FUN! When I get myself over to NY I'm looking you up for sure! Have a blast!

PS: Whatever happened with your best bud Willy?

Wenchy said...

Have a most wonderful time!!!