Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rocks, Paper, Scissors

I just read this post on Political Crossfire Forums by Igotmilk™ about Rocks, Paper, Scissors that really got me thinking. Which one would I choose?

My choice is paper. Think about. How would you start a fire without paper? And there never would have been newspapers, books, comics or porno magazines without paper.

Then there's rocks. Rocks suck. I mean, what can you do with a rock? Hit stuff? Throw it at things? Ever get one in your shoe? Besides, rocks just lie there and look stupid when you aren't hitting stuff or throwing them at things.

Scissors you say. Forget about it. I mean, they are just plain trouble. Have you ever fell running with scissors? That's a stupid question, of course not, because you'd be dead if you fell running with scissors and wouldn't be reading this. And if you didn't die, your mom would have whooped your ass for running with them. Scissors are just plain trouble. So I say stay away from scissors.

Oh yeah, I forgot toilet paper. Now where would we be without toilet paper? You know where? All smelly and with a rash on our ass, that's where. Paper rules.

Which one do you choose?

Rocks, Paper, Scissors?
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Lucky Pink said...

Paper. I like books too much to choose anything else.

Sarah said...

I agree--paper. Money is paper, too. Not that money is the most important thing, but I need it to buy stuff. :)

Jezebelle said...

Hmmm...interesting. I would have to say paper too because of everything everyone else said.

BTExpress said...

Excellent point Sara. I totally forgot about money. That clinches it, paper.

aughra said...

I chose rocks, but it's because my husband calls me Thug, and says that I have a tool box full of differently shaped rocks, labeled Thug's Tulz. He makes comments like this when I am less than ladylike accomplishing things around the house.

Smoke said...

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