Monday, May 09, 2005

Have pity on me.

Trust me, what I had to do tonight I deserve your pity.

(If you want to know what I had to do before I get your pity, email me and I'll tell you, but you better have a strong stomach.)

So, do I get your pity?


Chase North said...

You have my pitty either way!

Chase North said...

hmm...that sounded weird - like something my younger brother would say.

I meant to sound compassionate, yet I don't think it came across that way.

Perhaps it's time to go to bed.

Anyway, sorry!

Chase(you know who)

BTExpress said...

Chase? Chevy Chase? Wow! Chevy Chase reads my blog. Wait until I tell my friends at work.

Wait. I don't have any friends at work. I don't have any friends, period. Damn!

Now nobody will know Chevy Chase reads my blog. Damn!

J/K Sarah. Thanks.

Chase North said...

Chevy Chase WAS here...

I kidnapped him. He's currently writing my philosophy paper. (god save us all)

BTExpress said...

I saw Chevy Chase in a restauraunt in East Hampton once. He was with his wife at the bar.

BTExpress said...

Oh wait, that was Alan Alda I saw. So never mind my last post.

Lucky Pink said...

I have pity for you if you have pity for me! Pity exchange, ya' know?

BTExpress said...

Of course. And if we were closer together, we could go out, get drunk, and pity each other till dawn. That just ain't happening. But you, you get to go out and find someone to pity you, and give you pity sex. Me? I have to give myself pity sex. That justs not the same.