Monday, May 23, 2005

The New Caregiver

I have to say Sylvia has been doing an excellent job. She does all of our laundry, cleans almost the whole house, runs and unloads the dishwasher and looks after my wife very well. I mean, what else could you ask for. Right?


Is it asking too much to be on time, instead of 15-20 minutes late every day, which by the way I am paying $9.25/hour. (The agency gets paid by the insurance company for the other $9.25/hour for a total of $18.50/hour.)

I is too much for you to really have called the agency that you are going to be late and not just say you did? What's the matter with you, don't you think I'm going to check?

Is it too much to ask that you remember to unlock the front door before you go outside to your car so you don't lock yourself out? Yep. That's right. The women locked herself out of the house.

I had to go to a funeral mass this morning before work. Dianne's father passed away and since she is a cousin through marriage, and I work with her, I wanted to go out of respect for her. There was a funeral at the church just before Dianne's father so I waited across the street in the parking lot until they all had left.

As soon as I see Dianne, I start walking across the street and my cell phone rings. It's the agency that Sylvia works for. She's locked out and I have to go home and let her in. I go home and let her in and check on my wife. She's fine as she was sleeping. I head back to the church but by the time I get there the service is partially over, so I just head to work.

Dianne. If by any remote chance you are reading this, I'm sorry I wasn't there, but I hope you understand. Since there is no chance you are reading this, I'll see you when you get back to work and explain the whole thing. Sorry.


Derek said...

$18.50 an hour and all she has to do is take care of the wife maintain the home do the meds ect ect make sure you wife is comfortable and she cant even be on time for $18.50 an hour ..........

Pssst hey Bro I'll do it for $5 cheaper and will be there a half hour early

for the love of god people take a little pride in your work ( not that she reads this )

BTExpress said...

The agency gets probably $8 of that. But all my wife pretty much does is sleep so there really isn't much to do.