Sunday, November 02, 2008

Going To Sleep Too Early Can Be Costly

Saturday night about midnight, Lori caught me resting my eyes for a second. I swear, it was just for a second. Then for another second and another and another. They were really more like long blinks, but she wasn't buying it.

Then I got this..........

"Are you going to sleep?"

"No, I'll wait for you. Are you tired?"


A minute or so later I leaned over and rested my head on Lori's shoulder.


"I'm tired. Let's go to sleep."

Lori says, "Saturday night is the only night of the week I can stay up late and your falling asleep! And with day light savings time, we can stay up even later."

"But I'm tired."

"How come it is that all week when I'm not here you stay up until 3am, but now you want to go to sleep early?"

"But I'm tired."

"Fine, but you're a bad boy!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm tired."

"Okay, turn out the light, but tomorrow you have to buy me a black leather jacket!"



I think Sponge Bob is checking out Lori's ass.


Evening said...

WOW!! Nice jacket!!

You make up for being a bad boy by giving very nice things.

Hope you are feeling more rested up.

Anne Marie said...

What the hell is with spongebob in your house you dont have little ones any more???
Love the coat!! Where is mine? LOL
You cant sleep all week because you miss Lori!! And when she is there with you you are so happy and content it is eassier to fall asleep!! It is the same way with Bill!!!!!!!!

Anne Marie said...

Hey wait a minute are you naked under that coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monogram Queen said...

She looks good in black leather *wink* Happy Early Birthday!

SIMPLY ME said...

Why yes Annemarie, I am naked, thanks for noticing!

bookbinder said...

Evening - I got so much sleep that night that I stayed up until 2am, but Lori fell asleep at 12. I didn't get a coat though.

Anne Marie - Sponge Bob vibrates, that's why. ;-)

Patti - I was thinking the same thing, but in vinyl and with zippers.