Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Cut, or Not To Cut? That is the Question.

I had a follow up visit at the VA hospital today so they could evaluate the progress of my carpel tunnel syndrome. There is a slight improvement since I last saw them in July, but not enough. Therefore the cute, young, hot, sexy, brunette doctor with a great body referred me to orthopedics to see if I am a candidate for carpel tunnel surgery, probably just on my right hand, since that is the one that bothers me the most.

I wonder if the surgery is done with a local anesthetic, so I can watch. That would be cool and I could take lots of great pictures for my blog.

The surgery doesn't scare me at all. It's the recover that bothers the hell out of me. That's my masturbation hand. I suck at masturbating with my left hand. I guess Lori will just have to come over everyday and take care of that for me.


Kittie Kate said...

Start practicing with both hands then.

You probably got enough for both hands. I know you're big enough, you need both hands. ;)

come by. football pool is up.

bookbinder said...

OMG! You've been peaking, haven't you? Either that, or you've been talking to Lori.

I'm just good with my left hand. :-(

Monogram Queen said...

My sister had it done on both hands, she is really happy she did it. Of course she didn't have the same, uh, semantics problem that you do! LOL

Evening said...

OH MY GOSH, you would want to WATCH? I can't even watch them give me a shot, can't stand the look of the needle under the skin.
I was awake during my nipple reconstruction surgery but I couldn't watch the cutting part. It was pretty interesting to watch the way they did the rest though.
Hope your doctor fixes you up, good as new.

Jennybean said...

lol.... time to start training in the left...

TUG said...

Perhaps that is what caused the problem in the first place :)

lime said...

lol, when i demolished my left arm on the zipline they did carpal tunnel surgery as kind of a fix 4 things get the 5th free. (well, i fixed the elbow and tendons there, and i fixed the torn ligaments in the wrist, and i put a piece of metal in your bone to stabilize it and i sewed up the spot where the bone stuck out, and i noticed you were headed toward the need for carpal tunnel surgery so i went ahead and did that for you now so we don't have to dig around in your hand in a year's time...uh, thanks)

so anyway, seeing the diagram of it kinda made my stomach flip flop for a moment. oddly i watched one of my c-sections in a reflective light fixture and that didn't gross me out at all, but the hand thing....yeah, that did. i;'m weird i guess.

anyway, i hope they find a solution for you.