Saturday, November 15, 2008

How I got my free 42" Plasma TV!

In 1979 I got my American Express card and not too long after that I joined their Membership Rewards Program. It's like many similar programs. You spend $1 and you get one point. As of last count, I had 160,500 points, which was 3,000 points shy of being able to get the 42" Panasonic plasma television. But I was in luck! American Express was willing to front me the extra points I needed. The only catch was that I had to agree to charge 3,000 in the next year. I knew I'd charge well over that amount, so I ordered the TV.

I couldn't be more pleased with the TV. The picture is so clear and sharp, even when your not watching the HD channels. I was a little concerned about that, because this model is 720 dpi vs the newer 1080 dpi. My research showed that spending more than twice the price for the higher resolution ($700 vs $1500), really wasn't necessary until the TV is closer to 50" and larger.


TUG said...

Welcome to the club! I have a 52 inch Sharp LCD. I hung it on the wall. It's amazing how much floor space is freed up by having the TV and accessories off the ground.

Unless you're watching things in true HD, you probably won't notice the difference in the resolution.

Tamara said...

Wow...this is so neat-o.I feel special getting an invite.Yippppeeee!
You lucky doggy you! I want one of those suckers!
But I've been a really bad girl lately as you know,so good s*** like that doesn't happen in my world.
Btw,thanks for the coment u left on my pathetic whining "poor me" post.But if u only knew how I felt like just giving up and doing who knows what.But I did understand what your comparison to my problem was..cept' it wasn't a weight loss program,hun.
I wish it were that sorta thing.
Congrats on the TV....good things always go to GOOD PEOPLE...and you are a really decent guy for understanding my stupidness,moreless.
Adding u to my faves of course.

Monogram Queen said...

Congrats! Not a TV watcher but i'm sure you will enjoy it. My parents have big ones and they love them.

Libby said...

congrats on the 'free' tv!! that's a helluva deal!!

Evening said...

Wow, how cool to get your tv with points.
Enjoy watching that big tv.