Friday, November 28, 2008

How was your Thanksgiving?

Mine went very well. I've been going to Lori's for the last two Thanksgivings and my son had gone to his girl friends. She broke up with him earlier this year (he now admits it was the best thing that could have happened to him), so this year hadn't made plans. I asked him if he wanted to go to Lori's with me. I would have stayed home and cooked if he said no, but he said "Sure".

I cooked the mashed potatoes and gravy before I left. I made a Bisquick recipe using chicken broth, poultry seasoning, chicken bullion and salt & pepper. You just dump everything in the blender and cook it to thicken. At Lori's we poured in some of the turkey drippings to add even more flavor. So easy and much better tasting and much better for you that the jarred gravy.

I got over to Lori's about three and Brian came later. He had to work until 3:00. He's the produce manager and always chooses to work on major holidays, because he get time & a half. The turkey wasn't cooked yet, so having a later dinner than usual, was okay. Lori decided to wait until Brian could get there, since this was the first time he has agreed to go to her house. He arrived around 4:15 and was introduced to Lori's parents. Two of Lori's kids were there, Bethany and Adam, which he's already met and then there was the ferocious chihuahua Milo! He hates strangers and has been known to take a nip once in a while. He barked like mad at Brian, so they were going to lock him in a bedroom, but I convinced Lori to just put him down and see what happens. She and Milo made a beeline for Brian. He sniffed him a few times and then started wagging his tail like crazy and licked his hand. Then he wouldn't leave Brian alone.

Neither would Lori's parents. Lori's parent both told the same old stories to Brian. He sat there intently listening and carrying on conversations about the stories and and things about him. I really wasn't that surprised, surprised yes, but not that surprised. Because he's always gotten along well with old people and small kids. Then Lori rescued him so he could go play Guitar Hero with Beth and Adam in Adam's room.

About a half hour later everything was finished cooking. The 25 pound fresh killed turkey I bought turned out great. It was about the best turkey I've ever tasted. It really was worth the extra expense of buying it from a butcher. Lori cooked it and it cooked perfectly. The white meat and dark meat both were cooked thoroughly for once. You know how the dark meat in the thighs are under cooked when the white meat is done? Not this time. I have a digital temperature probe and we took it out of the oven when the temp hit 179 degrees. The only complaint was that the skin wasn't crisp enough, because we left the foil that covered the bird on too long. I don't eat the skin, so it didn't matter to me, but others do and like it almost burned. YUCK! Lori made all the other fixing: sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, a cranberry sauce recipe of whole and jellied cranberries, crushed pineapple & raspberry jello, rolls of course and for desert, five different pies. Everything turned out great, except for the aforementioned skin.

I wasn't sure how long Brian would stay once dinner and desert were finished, but he stayed much longer than I thought and stayed until I finally got tired and wanted to leave. When we got home, I asked him if he had a good time and if he like everyone. Happily he said answered in the affirmative to both questions. Looks like next summer when I have everyone over he will be willing to spend time with Lori's family and hang out with everyone in my back yard resort to be. If I ever get that fucking permit from the town.


Lurker said...

Awww! I'm so happy for you all! I actually got tears in my eyes. It sounds like a wonderful time for everyone and I know it was nice to have everyone together.

I wish you luck on the permit and don't be surprised if summer after next the kids and I show up on your doorstep bathing suits on and towels in tow!


BTExpress said...

It's a date! That is if the project is finished by then.

Kittie Kate said...

I'd always take time and a half. I'm glad your son got along well with Lori and her family. :)

I made the turkey. It came out better this time than last time. I washed it down with salt before I baked it or even spiced it.

My football pool is up. Come by.

Evening said...

That sounds so nice. I must thrill you to have the people you care about most getting along so well. I am glad you had a nice holiday.

TUG said...

Sounds like a great day! I've never thought about a turkey from a butcher. We usually just be a breats because we're not fans of the dark meat.

Tamara said...

Sounds like you had a terrific Thanksgiving!
I made a banana pudding,and bought a cherry pie(giggle).
Oh,but I DID make the nannna-puddin from scratch.
Also made my families fave:cream cheese,pecans,green jello,and pecan dessert.Not sure what its called.But it's gooood. :-}
Your post has my stomach growling now.Dannng,I should have brought home some turkey w/ me.

Libby said...

Mmmmmm, tony, just reading this made me hungry again!! oh, and i'm all over the clementines again!!! plus i have a half gallon of peppermint stick ice cream, too!

Kittie Kate said...

Oh, got good news. You wanted to know the results of the pap. It was negative. :)

So no biopsies needed. I'm good for two years now. That means I just need a checkup once a year instead of every six months.

Jennybean said...

Glad you had a good family holiday...

Monogram Queen said...

I got teary-eyed at this post Tony. I am so happy Brian is slowly coming around.
I know it can't be easy for him... or you but thankfully Lori is a compassionate person.
Sounds like a fabby T-giving!!!

P.S. You never told me if it was Brian in the pic I asked at that bar

lime said...

aww that's great. i am so glad to hear it. things have come a long way haven't they?