Thursday, November 06, 2008

This Has Been the Best Birthday EVER!

Thank you Lori for my thoughtful gifts. Thank you to all the ladies that gave me their boobs and so sexy pictures in emails and posts. Thank you to the rest of you that gave me your birthday wishes. Even if it wasn't your boobies, it still meant a lot to be thought of. Most of all, thank you Os for taking my idea for a birthday HNT and running with it. I owe you dude, big time.

This has been the best birthday EVER!
Thank you everyone!
You have made this old guy very, very happy.


Kittie Kate said...

Cool. I'm glad you liked your b-day. :)

Ashly Star said...

Awesome. I'm glad you had such a great day. :)

Happy Monday. :)

Monogram Queen said...

Glad you had a great one and I wish I could have contributed but husband would have killed me!

Libby said...

hey, tony, i'm happy it was sp great!! woo-hoo! come over to my blog & see tif's wedding, she's not naked! but she's gorgeous!!

Evening said...

So glad you had a good birthdday.

By the way, 60 looks really good on you. I have 50 coming up this spring. I am right behind you ;)