Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last Friday night Lori and I went to a charity dinner/auction/open bar at the aquarium Lori works at. (See this post for all the details) Everyone said that the highlight of the evening wasn't the dinner, nor the auction, not even the open bar, but it was the belly dancers.

Especially the handsome and ever so debonair ME.


Don't forget that next week is the very special

Boobies for BTExpress HNT.


Mariposa said...

And you dance too?! ;)

Happy HNT!

Make sure to see me next week?! LOL

Evening said...

You do look handsome and debonaire. But I would like to have seen video of this.
Very nice SULTAN.

TUG said...

OMG! I can always be assured for a good laugh when I come here. Dammit me for not making the trip for your birthday!

Oh...I'm so going to hold a grudge for all the boobies and pimping you're getting this year!

Dana said...

There's nothing sexier than a man in a turban!

aughra said...

Look at you! You're adorable! And thank you so much for the lovely comment on my post for HNT. Sorry I was early, but happy it was for you.... Love that our birthdays have been important to one another. I have so much fondness for you, Tony.

SIMPLY ME said...

I was there and this still cracks me up! I've got my picture ready for you for next week :)

Kittie Kate said...

Looks like fun.

Happy belated HNT!