Monday, August 04, 2008

My Life - Good News/Bad News Update

First, the good news.

Hi y'all! I hope all is well. Yesterday was Lori's %$th birthday. Being a chick, she wasn't too happy to be turning %$, but them's the breaks, because we are all aging as we speak. It was a good day. We started of the day with me getting a (fill in the blank with what you think and your probably correct). In the afternoon we went to the town pool across the street from Lori's place with her, her three kids, her son's girl friend and her son's girl friends three kids (4yo and 20 month old twins). Then back to Lori's for a pulled pork dinner that Lori and I made the day before. It was very tasty if I do say myself.

Now for the bad news.

My building permit application for my outdoor project was denied. It's a very long story to try and explain why, so I'll try to make it short.

I put in my in the ground pool in 1985. I have a concrete block wall pool, so was able to get them to build the wall on ground level, so I could walk out my back door onto my deck and right into the pool which was at deck level. The pool company got all the permits, the building inspector approved the completed project and everyone has been happy until now!

It seems that there wasn't a permit for the retaining wall around the pool and for what the town NOW calls a pool patio around the pool, nor for my deck, which by the way, was on the house when I bought it in 1977! HELLO!!!! It was on the fucking house when I bought it!!!! So now why all of a sudden is it a problem 31 years later!!!!!!???????????

That being said, I have to apply for a variance for something that has been there for 23 fucking years and should have been approved 23 fucking years ago if I, the building inspector in 1985 or the pool company knew what the fuck we were doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went down to town hall this afternoon and spoke to the building inspector, the woman in the tax accessors office and the woman in the planning board office. Everyone was very, very helpful and sympathic to my plight. They gave me the bizillion forms I needed and a list of the other bizillion forms I need to get. The building inspector even helped me word the letter I need to submit with my application.

Wish me luck!

Now for more good news.

Lori is staying with me this week, so I'll be snuggling A LOT, instead of masturbating. How cool is that?


Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like a wonderful week ahead... don't let the bureaucratic snafu get you down. You'll get it all under control!

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Darling Lori!

Anne Marie said...

And I thought I was having a bad week!!! Looks like we both are pulling our hair out!! Have fun with Lori this week dont do anything I wouldnt do!!! LMAO That doesnt include too much!!

Lil Bit said...

Well crap - sorry to hear about your building inspection denial. That just sux.

But, Happiest of B-Days (a lil belated) for ... wait, what are we suppose to call her over here? ;)

ps. off to finally find that Whale Tail...
if you don't have your comments sent to your email, there'll be one there, too! =)

Lil Bit said...

Ok, I just searched thru the whole flippin' thing... and I didn't see it... direct me?

TUG said...

Isn't that just a bunch of crap! Well, just the permit stuff!