Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Icy HNT!

Lori co-hosted a sex toy party at her house last night. I was put in charge of making ice for the party. What, may you ask, is such a big deal about making ice? Let me show you.

I still have the ice cube tray. Want me to make some for you?



S said...

Ooh isnt that a bit cheeky to be sticking it between yer legs?
I am first woo hoo!
Come back over, I am up too!
Hi to the Ms!!!

Libby said...

woohoo! i love it! where'd she get that??

Dana said...

*giggle* Now that's hard!

Monogram Queen said...

I love those kinds of parties I have got some really great stuff at them!
BUT I have never saw those ice cubes! Naughty man!

Anne Marie said...

I loved the ice cubes!! But eewww between your legs and then we were touching it!!! LMAO I love the party ask Lori what I bought or maybe the better question is what I didnt buy!!

LushlyMe said...

Did you have an ice making schedule? HHNT!

bookbinder said...

S - But it felt so, so good.

Libby - We bought the ice cube tray, found photo of it on the internet and I printed out copies for the ice bucket. The ice bucket liner comes out, so it was just a matter of replacing the original liner with the cocks.

Woops, is it alright to say cock?

Dana - Bet you like them hard, don't you? ;-)

Patty you? No wonder you read our blogs. Your as naughty as we are, you bad girl.

Anne Marie - The between my legs was what gave the ice that special flavor you kept asking about.

LushlyMe - Matter a fact, I was. I only had one tray so I was on an "every-two-hours" make more ice schedule. That is, when I remembered to make it.

lime said...

i can only imagine the blue balls it must have caused to have that block of ice nestled between your thighs. brrrr. i am shivering just thinking about it.

marcellonyc said...

I love that facial expression. HHNT!

The new blog will be healthy recipes. When I am in my new place, I am having a small gat guys are on the invite list. Sometime late fall.


bookbinder said...

Lime - It wasn't too bad. Actually I kind of liked it.

Marcello - Thanks for the invitation. Looking forward to getting together. Looking forward to the healthy recipes too.

TUG said...

hmmm, interesting. Was there any thought of ice penis dildos? Just think, you have a plethera of penis' between your legs :)

SM said...

Sex toy party huh? That must have been fun! You'll have to give us some resources if we want to have one ourselves!

Samantha Alice said...

Oooooh - playing w/ ice cubes can be fun... I gotta find me one of those trays!

Vixen said...

Haha! Love it!