Friday, August 29, 2008

Want to see something cool?

Then check out this video from the Fresno/Clovis Haunted House web site. If your in the Fresno area, get your fright on in October when they open the haunted house.

Posted at the request of a good friend, Solitare. Check out her web site too.


Monogram Queen said...

It looks AWESOME! I wish I did live near there - i'd definitely go. I love Halloween/scary things!

Kittie Kate said...

This is California. I thought you were back east.

I want to go to this!

bookbinder said...

I am, I'm in New York, but my friend Solitare asked me, us, to help promote it. She's part of it.

Lil Bit said...

LOL!! - Nothin' like zombies gettin' their sexy back! LOl

Looks like a fun crew to play spooky with! =)