Friday, August 22, 2008

Easy Recipe for You

I went to the cardiologist this week and he wants me on a fat free diet, low in cholesterol. The BUM! But I know it's for my own good, so yesterday I stocked up on $199 of healthy crap, I mean food at the super market. Things like fruit, whole grain stuff, fat free stuff like cheese and milk. I even bought fat free cottage cheese with pineapple. I love it that way. That's one of the dinners my mom made for us when we were living in Jacksonville Florida. The $60 a week she made didn't go very far, so that and eggs or pancakes was our dinner very often.

Last night I had a craving for fish, so picked up a piece of fresh cod at the market. I didn't know how I was going to prepare it, but knew I'd figure out something. After I put away the groceries, I had an idea. I didn't used a recipe, just made it up as I went.

  1. First I made a gin & tonic, but you already knew that is always the first step when I cook.
  2. I wanted pasta, so put on a pot of water.
  3. While I waited for that to come to a boil I prepared the sauce.
  4. I put a little EVOO in the pan and sauteed a lot of garlic. I love garlic!
  5. Then I tossed in a handful of fresh basil from my Aero Garden. I cut it up with scissors.
  6. Then dumped in a can of chopped tomatoes (No Salt Added).
  7. and a small can of black olives.
  8. I would have added capers, but ran out darn it, so add 'em if you got 'em, about 1/2 tablespoon should do. But chop them first.
  9. Then I sprinkled it with oregano, no salt, but a little, no a lot, of fresh ground pepper.
  10. Covered and lowered to medium.
  11. By now the water was boiling, so I tossed in the pasta. Note: Put a table spoon or two of EVOO in the water, because it helps to keep the water from boiling over for some reason. It has something to do with surface tension of the water. I saw the tip on the Food Network, I think it was Alton Brown.
  12. Next I placed the fresh cod in the pan with the sauce. I spooned some of the sauce over the cod and covered the pan until the fish was flaky, about ten minutes turning once after about 5 minutes and lowered it to simmer.
  13. The pasta was done after ten minutes and so was the fish.
  14. I plated the pasta.
  15. Then gently removed the cod from the pan with a spatula and placed it on the pasta.
  16. Then I spooned the sauce over top of that.
  17. The finally sprinkled it with some Romano cheese. No the cheese isn't fat free, but it was only a little and just for taste.
I made a salad too, with fat free thousand island dressing.

It was really good and I highly recommend it! Let me know if you make it and how it was. I'd also like to know if you didn't like it or if you can suggest any changes. One can always use some pointers.

Have a Great Weekend!


TUG said...

I wish I had your talent for cooking.

Summer said...

Mmmm... cottage cheese and pineapple sounds really good. We used to do cottage cheese, shredded cheese, and canned peaches.

Samantha Alice said...

Heh heh. I likey the pineapple...

Sounds nummy.

Vixen said...

Ok....YUM! I am a vegetarian that loves fish and pasta. Oh and garlic, hehe. Right up my alley.

Monogram Queen said...

You sound just like a sous chef!
I thought if you added oil to the water it made the sauce "slide" off of the pasta, but maybe that's regular cooking oil and not EVOO or maybe it's some shit I completely made up in my own head! LOL