Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yes Ann Marie........

........I'm actually doing physical labor. Today was another day of actual work. It started at noon with moving the last bit of soil from the trench dug for the new pool filter location. Then I got the weed whacker and cut down massive amounts of weeds in the front planters, old garden planter and all around the pool. At one point the weed whacker ran out of cord, so I had to run my errands.

Then it was a stop at the hardware store for grass seed and weed killer. Next was a stop at the plumbing supply house to exchange a few parts for the pressure relief valve on the pool heater. The last stop was the pool store for a new brush and a vacuum head.

More weed whacking and then found out Brian had thrown out the leaf blower attachments. There has just been too much cleaning to my liking. I knew there was a reason I was lazy and never threw out anything. Then it was off to the hardware store to buy a new leaf blower.

By now I'm back home again blowing the weed debris. SOB! That blew tons of crap into the pool. Looks like tomorrow I vacuum the pool again. Oh well, looks like I have to do more actual physical labor again.

Sorry Sam. I just don't have time to take pics.


Monogram Queen said...

No you don't have the ENERGY to take pics - busy man!!!

Anne Marie said...

LMAO you are a riot!!! You always make me laugh!! Well if you would like any help during the week you know where to find 4 pretty little ladie!! (well 3 pretty little ladies and one not so little)and on the weekend you get the bonus of one handsome strong male!!