Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sweet Melissa

Melissa is a young singer that lives not too far from me here on Long Island. Melissa's manager has been trying to spread the word about her singing and the one way he chose, was with a Melissa's music MySpace web page. Lori made Melissa a MySpace friend first and told me about her. I made her a friend too, not because she's a hot, sexy young women, okay, maybe that had a little bit to do with it, but because she sings country music. I really like country music.

We found out that Melissa was going to be singing at a local restaurant, Villa Monanco's, so I made dinner reservations and we went there for dinner Saturday night.

The waiter was very efficient and funny to boot.

We ordered and then Lori got up to take some pictures. Here I am impatiently waiting for dinner.

We split a salad with a little bit of cold antipasti mixed in. Not exactly fat free, but hey, we were on a date.

Lori forgot to take pictures of our main course before we ate them, but here's what's left after we finished eating.

I had veal marsalla with roasted potatoes and mixed veggies.

Okay, that wasn't fat free either, but get over it! Now stop bugging me about not eating 100% fat free!

Lori had shrimp Francaise over pasta. I think she liked it. LOL

With dinner complete, we waited for Melissa to start singing. While we waited, the man that set up for Melissa came over to our table and told us he thought he knew us from somewhere. Then asked us if it was from MySpace. I told him yes and he introduced himself as Melissa's manager, Johnny D.

Here's Johnny D and me.

I've been exchanging messages with Melissa and Johnny D for a month or more. She'd won a couple of big singing competitions, tried out for American Idol, sang at Villa Monaco's and also is singing next month at the place Lori works, the Atlantis Marine World aquarium.

Johnny D told us he recognized us from our pictures on MySpace so wanted to come by, introduce himself and thank us for coming to support Melissa. Lori and I joked that I must be famous, if he recognized me. LOL

Melissa finally came on and sang, sang like a professional and as good as anyone you've ever heard. That is, considering it was with a karaoke machine, a simple amp and a mic.

Here she is posing for Lori, showing off her sexy legs.

After her first set we introduced ourselves to her, so she knew we showed up like I said we would. Her mother took this picture of the three of us.

Johnny D came over a few times to chat, which peeked the wait staff's interest. Two of them came over to tell me how much they enjoyed her singing and asked if I knew her or was I a relative. I guess they thought I was a famous person too. LOL

We stayed until about 11:00 and really had a great time. She really is a terrific singer, which, IMO, has a future in music ahead of her. That is if she catches the right breaks or has someone with influence that takes a liking to her music.

Here's a short video Lori took of her singing to give you an idea of how well she sings.

Last week Melissa and Johnny D went to New Jersey so she could audition for American Idol. To bad, but she wasn't selected. The same day a girl Lori works with also went to try out. She was there for what seemed like forever and then finally got a call to audition. They did that in groups of four. She was in a group with two other girls and a nut dressed up in a stupid costume. The three girls sang well, but were rejected. The nut in the costume sang like shit and danced a stupid dance. Just plain made a fool of himself. He was picked to move to the next round and audition for the producers. I guess the best singer doesn't really win American Idol after all. Too bad. :-(


Monogram Queen said...

Good luck to Melissa! I need to add you guys to my MySpace. I have always thought the best singers don't win American Idol.

SignGurl said...

You guys have more fun than anyone I know!

Thank you for the kind comment on my post. That's funny that you were going through the pictures from the Michigan meeting. I did the same the other day. I am so glad I got to meet all of you. We need to do it again soon!

Libby said...

oh, tony, that sucks!! she has a really good voice, especially for that kind of music! i actually could see her in vegas (get your mind out of the gutter!)

Lil Bit said...

What a fun date!

Soooooo.... did you or Lori get up a sing a lil ditty? - I'm thinkin' something along the lines of a good Conway Twitty / Loretta Lynn duet would be right up y'all's alley. =)