Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Actual Physical Labor HNT

As you know, I have been doing a lot of work around my place. I switched from oil heat to gas. Two weeks ago I had the gas installation done. It took two days. Here's how that turned out.

Along with that, I had a swimming pool heater installed. I live in New York, so the swimming season is shorter than I'd like it to be, so a heater it is.

The building code required the pool heater be installed away from five feet from the property line, so I had it installed next to my house. I also had to have the electrician move the electric for the filter and heater next to the house too.

That all being done, I needed to get the pool pump and filter moved over next to the house too. The filter was moved from the lower left location in the picture, to the new location next to the heater.

Here is the new set up. It may not seem like much to you, but to me it looks GREAT!

Now that I was finally ready to open the pool, that meant I had to get the pool opened and the area around the pool ready for habitation. That burden fell on me. So every day since last Thursday, I have been outside doing actual physical labor.

No, really, actual physical labor.

That labor also included getting the pool water balanced. Here's just a few of the chemicals that was needed to do that.

Today was Brian's day off, so he helped by picking up the clippings and spraying the weed and grass killer.

I also got the pool heater started. After just 3 hours, the water temp had reached an acceptable temp of 80 degrees.

No, not warm enough for me. I think I may have to raise the temperature a few more degrees.

FINALLY! After all those days of actual physical labor, I was done and it was time to celebrate.


BUMMER DUDE! Now I just have to clean up. As you all well know, I hate cleaning.

My baby has posted her own HNT this week. Please stop by for a snack that I'm sure you'll enjoy.


SIMPLY ME said...

You work too hard, but I love helping you relax, wink wink. Happy HNT babycakes!

Kittie Kate said...

Good job, dude!

I'd hire someone else to do it because I'd blow myself up.

Looks good. That water looks so blue!

Happy HNT!

TUG said...

I think everything looks good grouped together like that. Where I grew up the pool would get to 90 degrees all by itself. With a cover you could swim into November.


Monogram Queen said...

Well done I know you will greatly enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Anne Marie said...

Great job!! Looks good!! All your hard work is paying off. Now you need to throw that Pool open party!

marcellonyc said...


Don't work too hard!

How is the carpal tunnel?

lime said...

man you have done so much around your place in the last year or so. enjoy relaxing!

gab said...

all that work just so you can play! lol I wanna see shots of you and your hunny playing in the pool now.

SignGurl said...

I'm on my way with my swimsuit in hand!!!

Libby said...

...geez, now it just needs to get to be August-type temperatures!!