Friday, August 05, 2005

Finally got the washing machine fixed

Three fucking weeks, it took three fucking weeks for a GE repairman to finally get his ass back here to fix it!

I called for service 4 weeks ago because the agitator wasn't agitating in my washing machine. I didn't want to replace it if the repair was minor, so I called GE service. A few days later the serviceman came and checked it out. He told me it needed a coupling adapter, because it was stripped. He could order the part and replace for $174.

Well, $174 is less than replacing the washer so I said okay. Also, the service call already cost me $154, so for an extra $20 I'd let him do it.

Now here it is four weeks after the first call, and I finally have a washing machine that works.

I was home yesterday when he came because Sylvia couldn't come yesterday. I wish I wasn't here.

I took him down to the laundry area in the basement and watched him fixed it in less than 5 minutes. No shit, less than 5 minutes. He reaches in the washer, yanks up on the agitator and it pops off. He takes a wrench and removes one bolt holding the coupling on. Pops off the old coupling, puts on the new one and screws in the bolt. Tightens it and pushes the agitator back on. Closes the lid, turns on the machine and it works.

He felt bad for me and lowered the service charge, because I gave him the sad story about how I been waiting four weeks to get it fixed, how easy the repair was and about how last week the guy never showed up. So he lowers the service charge to $125, plus $6.25 for the part and then, of course, there is tax of $11.18, for a grand total of $142.41.

It took Sylvia yesterday and today to finally get all the laundry done. She's great. I'll miss her when she moves and I have to do it myself again.

Edit: My son has a big hamper of dirty laundry in his room, so it's not all done. I reminded him if he doesn't get them out of his room, they won't get done. Why is it so hard to get him to carry them the six feet out into the hall and put them with the rest of the dirty clothes instead of storing them in his room?

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Because he is a is a genetic trait.