Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Sevens...

Lucky Pink tagged me so here goes.

7 things I bet you don’t know about Amber:
1. Her first blog post was February 10, 2004
2. She thinks her booty is finer than J-Lo's
3. She likes playing black jack
4. She has an extensive history of traffic violations
5. She once had 40 pair of panties
6. She likes the bathrooms in Clearwater
7. She used to be in musicals

7 things I have never done and may never do:
1. Drive a motorcycle
2. Sky dive
3. Rock climbing
4. Have sex with two girls at the same time
5. Stop thinking about having sex with two girls at the same time
6. Own my own business
7. Hit a hole-in-one

7 things I did not do this weekend:
1. Pay the bills
2. Put away the laundry
3. Have sex
4. Go outside
5. Sell my boat
6. Cook
7. Answer the telephone

7 times I have almost died or was seriously injured:
1. The time I fell off my sled and woke up in the hospital with a concussion and a bloody mess for a face
2. The time we were hit broadside on the passenger side with me in the passenger seat
3. The time I was in a seven-car accident and my car was sandwiched between two trucks
4. The time a guy walked up to the car I was in, and stuck a gun against the window right at my face
5. During the nightly mortar and rocket attacks on our base in Vietnam
6. The time I was wounded in Vietnam
7. The time our plane made an emergency landing in Barbados with an engine on fire

7 bloggees I tag and HOPE will do their own sevens:
Since it seems everyone is getting tagged, I will leave it up to you to tag yourself


Lucky Pink said...

Should I be concerned that you know so much about me...?


BTExpress said...

Moi? Never. My stalking days are over. ;)