Monday, February 11, 2008

You know something?

Patriot fans don't have a sense of humor. Let me explain.

Last Friday Lori, her kids, their dog and I went up to Rhode Island for Lori's mom's 75th birthday. Saturday we all went to a chicken farm for all you can eat oven baked chicken, fries, pasta, salad and rolls for just $10,25 a head. The food was good and a fun time was had by all.

The bathroom was nice too.

Most people went back to Lori's mom and dad's place for a desert of ice cream and cake. This is the birthday cake Lori imported from Long Island for the event. She bought it at the bakery the aquarium she works at uses when they cater parties.

I couldn't wait for the evening to wind down, because once most guests left, I would flash my New York Giant's Super Bowl XLII Champions tee shirt as sort of a joke to rub in the Patriots loosing the Super Bowl to the Giants to Lori's brother and sister in law.

Soon most people left and it was time for my joke. Sol I handed Lori my camera to take pictures and went into the other room to put on my Giant tee shirt.

I walked out and sat down next to Lori's brother. He couldn't see the tee shirt and wondered WTF was I doing getting a picture of him and I, but gave a big smile for the picture.

Lori's sister in law saw the shirt and just frowned. I had to get a shot of that.

We all laughed until the butt of my joke came at me with large knives.

If it wasn't for Lori coming to my defense, I'm sure I would have been wild critter dinner that night. Thanks babe!

Even the New England weather gods can't take a joke.

This is what we woke up to the next morning. Just in time for that 1 1/4 hour drive back to the ferry to make my get away.

But being threatened with knives wasn't even the worst part of the weekend. Sleeping space was at a premium, so Lori's daughter had to sleep on a fold out cot in the living room near the fold out sofa bed Lori and I slept on. That meant no snuggling. We have always manage to sneak in some late night snuggling once everyone has closed the doors to the bedrooms and fallen a sleep, but this time we weren't going to take a chance waking her daughter with sqeeky sofa springs.


jillie said...

Awkward moments are better when they're!!

Looks like you had fun and the cake looks YUMMY!

Did you watch the Pro Bowl anyway?

BTExpress said...

Jill - They were good sports after all. That is until I told Lori's brother "Better luck next year." Again I would have been critter feed if she wasn't close by.

No, I didn't watch the Pro Bowl. Someone, who shall remain anonymous, keeps giving me more and more spoilers. I almost feel like I've already seen the games by now. :-(

SignGurl said...

I'm not feeling the least bit sorry for you not being able to get "snuggle time" in. I mean, come on! Take a breath. Just kidding. I'm jealous.

That cake is beautiful!

lime said...

rough stuff dude sorry to hear it

Patti said...

Mmmm that cake looks DELISH!

Glad you tempered the snuggling, kids hearing is well, icky LOL

Blondie... said...

Well, what a tough weekend... I thought only southerners were that passionate about football!
Too bad about the snuggling but I am sure the years of therapy to follow would have been a lot more pricey! ;') And dammit you get laid way more often than I do...

Blondie... said...

Oh and by the way...

My div atty is a partner...and a woman...and a divorcee.... The junior partner is awesome too.

Both ladies are in my corner and I feel good.

Thanks for being such a great friend!

About the bus...

BTExpress said...

Blondie - Ya, I'm lucky like that. :-)

You don't have to actually drive the bus, if you get my drift. ;-)

Jes said...

All you can eat chicken? Sign me up!

I love family get togethers! 2 more weeks until mine!!! It has been waaaay too long since I've seen America! And all that snow had better be gone!!!