Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will someone please take the camera from Lori HNT?

I took a shower and then went to the closet to pick out a sexy outfit for her.

Of course I couldn't see her take this picture.

Then I sat down on the bed to get dressed.

With my back to her, I couldn't see her take this one either.

I couldn't even pull up my briefs without her taking this picture.



In addition, I want to wish all of the ladies a very Happy Valentines Day! These are for you.


SIMPLY ME said...

But Baby, you GAVE me that camera for my Valentine's Day present last year!

I have to use it. And I do, with love. I just love .......your Ass!!

Happy Valentine's HNT to the love of my life, forever!

BTExpress said...

I guess I have no one else to blame but myself them. :-(

But it's quite alright as long as you do love me forever. I love you babe and Happy Valentines Day to you too.

Kittie Kate said...

I want a six-pack of beer, please! ;)

Happy HNT!

BTExpress said...

Kate, if you come over, I'll have all the beer you want. So, when can I expect you?

Zoely said...

Nice, thanks for the roses! HHNT!

Vixen said...

I think her having the camera is fine, just fine. ;)


Wirthy said...

She's a sneaky one!

barman said...

Tony, you are so thoughtful. You treat the ladies so well. I guess Lori can not help but get naughty thoughts when around you.

HHNT you two.

Tara Tainton said...

Ooooh.. .thank you for the roses!! I hope I can return the Valentine's Day treat when you pop over and find my FIRST EVER HNT video post!!

And that's quite a shoe collection there in the photo... but I really just have to ask WHY you couldn't let me get a glimpse of just a BIT of ass cleavage... PLEASE! I love male ass! ;)


Mark Leslie said...

Now WHY would we want someone to take the camera away from Lori? She's always so creative with it. LOL :) Happy HNT!

Lapis Ruber said...

...and spoil all our fun? No way - snap away Lori :-) Happy Valentines Day and HNT combined.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Patti said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and your Sweet Lori!

lime said...

lol, she is a menace but she's such an adorable menace and the results are so entertaining.

thanks for the flowers.

happy valentine's day!

Samantha Alice said...

You know you love it, and so do we. Yay, you, yay, Lori!

Hugs to you, Big guy!

Shumpy said...

that is true love. there is always time for a picture.


jillie said...

If you took the camera away from her, how would we get all of these hot shots?

Happy Valentines Day to you BOTH!!!

Lots of love...xo


Stealth said...

nothing wrong with a lil booty, let lori keep the camera!!!

S said...

LOL Happy Valentines Day HNT Tony and Lori!

SignGurl said...

I just love that Lori likes ass shots. She's my kind of woman!

Hope you had a great VD!

TK Kerouac said...

How could I have missed your Valentine HNT!!!???

Happy Valentines Day to the sweetest couple on the internet!ox

BTExpress said...

Damn, is no one on my side? Your all just a bunch of horn dogs, that's all you are.

Maybe that's why we get along so well. Birds of a feather you know. ;-)

Sexy Duet said...

Why would we take the camera away when we get to see all the great shots she takes of you :)

Happy (belated) Valentine's HNT!


SeaRabbit said...

I agree with Lori... If you gave the camera to her, she have to use it!!!
Happy late HNT and I'm sure you had a pretty good VD!