Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I am so confused about Facebook. I just don't get it.

I've been bitten by zombies, attacked b y who knows what, made a friend by lots of cool people and gotten bumper stickers, but when I checked my car, they weren't there.

I know how everyone feels at any given moment and who is or is not in a relationship.

Facebook also wants to know why I know everyone I know even if I've told them countless times before. Why is it any of their business anyway?

I keep getting presents and free drinks, but can never find them. Has someone taken them before I can find them?

And who are these slayers I keep hearing about?

Some of my friends are even selling themselves. Man, I wish a few of them would ask me to buy them first. I'm sure I could make them an attractive offer so they'd sell themselves to me.

People even want to know what my sex song is. Sex song? WTF is that? I've never sung a song while having sex in my life. Who does?

I have even been told I have an entourage, but there ain't no one at my door that I can see.

They even want me to buy imaginary gifts with real money. I'll buy imaginary gifts with imaginary money, but there is no way I pay real money for a picture of a gift.

I am just so confused about Facebook.


mackeydoodle said...

I am on Facebook & I nearly died when I seen that there is imaginary gifts for real money! How stoopid is that?!
The only good thing about Facebook is the Biggest Brain game. Try it...you will be hooked....I swear.

Sexy Duet said...

I work with a lot of people in their mid-20's and they are all on Facebook. They keep trying to convince me to sign up but so far I have resisted - I just dont get it.


barman said...

I hear you Tony. I am more than confused by it all. I did however find my drinks. Could it be that Jillie is sneaking in and pilfering them when you are not looking?

So far I have not found a gin and tonic but when I do, it is headed your way.

jillie said...

I hear you when you talk about being confused on it. I've sent you stuff and have even bought you...LOL!!

I think I am going to sign off of it. Just too much to keep up on. I have a hard time just staying on top of this blogging stuff...LMAO

Patti said...

I joined Facebook too but it confuses me also. I like MySpace so much better!

Sandi said...

I understand perfectly. As far as I can see, it's just one more thing to keep up with, and I don't yet see why to bother.

SignGurl said...

Damnit, BTE! I've bitten you twice to be part of my coven on FaceBook. I also own your ass. Get with the program!