Monday, October 22, 2007

Want to see my stitches?

Well duh! That's a silly question.

Last Thursday I had a piece of shrapnel removed from my leg. The doctor told me to keep the stitches dry for a couple of days, which I did. I finally took a shower last night. First one since the surgery. Lori wanted me to wait until today to shower after she left, but I needed her to get some good pictures of my boo boo. We even took a couple of videos. I'll post those after I've edited them.

Lori has this thing for my pheromones and she says they smell better the longer I wait between showers. I think I'd start to have BO, but not according to her. I smell wonderful. Who'd a thunk it! A girl that doesn't want me to shower and likes it when I smell. LOL

I did have to shave though. She complains about my beard scratching her if I let it go for more than two days.

Whoops, side tracked again. I do that a lot, don't I?

Here's a shot I took of the stitches. I thought it was interesting how the skin was pulled tightly together causing a lump of flesh.

Here's a side view that Lori took.

Now for a close up! Just three stitches. I never saw this method of tying a suture before and believe you me, I've had a lot of them!

Here's the wound all nicely protected by some Bacitracin Topical Antibiotics Ointment and a Band-Aid Brand Large Adhesive Comfort Flex 2 7/8 in. x 4 in. Pad.

If you look closely, you'll see what looks like a dent on the bottom of my calf. This wound is probably where the shrapnel came from.

I hope you enjoyed yourself!


Sandi said...

Glad you survived! both in the war and in the surgery:)
Does it hurt???

lime said...

maybe it's a new way to tie sutures. that's how mine looked on my arm when i demolished it....well except for my elbow where they decided to use staples. i hate staples.

gab said...

ewwww. lol Im glad you came out of it very nicely. What would be do with out ya? I dont want to know! Yes its true some guys smell really good up until about the 4th or 5th day then they really need a shower!
Im surprised they didnt use staples

mackey said...

I don't like owwies:P

TUG said...

awww, I thought you'd wait until HNT to show us. Looks like the scar will be barely visible once everything is healed. Still a bumber about the camera.

Anonymous said...


BTExpress said...

Sandi - Thanks, me too. It doesn't really hurt anymore. The first day and night were the worst. I sleep on my left side a lot, so every time I rolled over that way, my incision hit the sheets and hurt. Kept having to roll back over to the right.

Lime - I wonder if it it has something to do with getting the scar small. I looked it up and there are numerous ways to stitch up an incision.

Gab - Guess you and Lori have the same sense of smell. I read that 70% of women have it.

MackeyDoodle - Me either. :-(

Tug - I was going to wait, but have something else in mind this week. It's a short video of love making. :-P

Anon - LOL, weak stomach, huh? ;-)

Monogram Queen said...

Eeee i'm just glad it's not too gory. I have a weak stomach for those kinds of things LOL

Crabby said...

OH MY WORD! They tie off their stitches like I do when I sew. And I can't sew worth a crap. But...nothing EVER comes unstitched.

How long has that shrapnel been in there?

You only got 3? I got that beat. I'll show ya my forehead someday. I have a traveling scar. Traveled every year that I got older. I needed 7 stitches in that puppy.

Yeah, that's right....I'm a badass.

So ... what else ya got? Anything bigger?

BTExpress said...

Crabby - 7? That ain't shit! I was wounded in Vietnam by a mine in 1968. Took 40 stitches to close the hole in my neck and about 500-600 to close the other 35 I had from head to toe! Top that one! LOL

Crabby said...

Well hell, man! My life isn't over yet. Give me time. I'll catch ya. I'm older than you, and I get up to pee in the's just a matter of time, assuming I can keep a running total of all accidents and stitching.

5 to 600? Damn! You're lucky to be alive. Do you still have any pain from it? Seems like a hell of a wound.

BTExpress said...

Crabby - Getting blown up tends to fuck one up. LOL

No, I'm not in pain. I am a life time member if the Disabled American Veterans though.

Let's all hope you never catch up with all the stitches I've had. I would wish that one my worst enemy.

Well, there is......

Nope, not even them. ;-)

Guess you haven't read my stories about my tour in Vietnam as an infantryman. My story blog covers that period of my life and even has lots of cool pics if your interested.

jillie said...

They look great! Healing well and looks like no sign of infection. You want me to remove them for you?