Thursday, October 18, 2007

Minor Surgery HNT

This afternoon I'm going to the VA Hospital to have a piece of shrapnel removed from my leg.

shrap·nel n. shrapnel
1. Fragments from an exploded artillery shell, mine, or bomb.

They will taking it from here, the lower outside of my left calf.

I adjusted the brightness and contrast to try and make it clearer.

If you've been around here for a while, you know that I was wounded in Vietnam by a claymore mine. There was only so much of the shrapnel they could remove, so I am full of the shit from literally head to toe. Here's some pictures of a few other pieces they've removed from me.

I can't wait to see what the new piece of shrapnel will look like. I wonder if they'll let me keep it to add to my collection.

If your interested in more of my stories about my time in Vietnam, check out one of my other blogs.


Ladies, if you feel sorry for me in the least, you'll send me a few boobie pictures to take my mind off of my pain.

If your a guy, I don't want to see your boobies. Send me pictures of chicks boobies or links to where I can see them.

Keep in mind that I'll probably even get stitches. :-(


SIMPLY ME said...

If you can wait till friday, I'll not only show you mine, you can touch em! HHNT sexy boy.

Zoely said...

LOL poor baby. I hope the surgery goes well...are you gonna be over here by me, in SB?

Tara Tainton said...

Oh, stitches??! :( You poor thing!

Wait a minute... I've had stitches before and it's no big deal. But I might still send you a "quick recovery" wish in photo form. ;)

The shrapnel's fascinating... is it something that surfaces every now and then and then you get it removed? Something the body works out as time goes on?


mackey said...

My boobies will be at Gmans on Friday....oh & as for the guys...they can send ME their moobie shots!!!:P

Why are they just now taking out something that happened so long ago? I know the medical system is a little slow but yikes:P

TUG said...

That is one sad cry for boobies ;) What about what I had done? That should get some pics as well. Hmmmm, let me go make an edit :)

HHNT! Show us the results.

Sarah said...

You get enough titties from your woman! ;)

Hope everything goes well honey!


Osbasso said...

Good lord, you're as shameless as me!

lime said...

yikes! hope all goes well.

and no one ever told me i could use the surgery thing to get racy pictures from people! i mean sheesh i had a 5 inch piece of metal taken out of my arm and nuthin!


rob said...


The shrapnel collection is surely a blog first.

When you're recuperating, try this:


Alyssa said...


Well, mosey on over to my humble lil blog..maybe my pic will make ya feel better...

Happy HNT babe

barman said...

You little scammer you. That probably is just a magic marker spot on your calf.

I hope all goes well with the minor surgery oh and all those booby pictures too!

searabbit said...

This is awful! You get those pieces of metal showing up here and there? At least, you are alive and seem to be well going...lololol..

Chelle said...

LOL and yanno...I am SURE lots of gals will send you boobie hehe

That's gotta be freaky knowing you have that stuff in your body like that!! Gives me shivers!!

Monogram Queen said...

Glad you are getting more removed. How come it took so many years to get out?

S said...

LOL @ Barman! Blatant plea for attention, Tony.
Perhaps the nurse will show you hers.

And here are mine:

( o Y o )


lecram said...

Dang... yeah... that is quite the collection! Cheers and Happy HNT!

Slick said...

Dadburn never make it through the metal detectors then huh? :)

Good luck with gettin' out!

BTExpress said...

FYI: Not one boobie picture! :-(

Tara - Yes, it's been a while since the last piece was removed. That one was in my arm. I'm looking forward to your quick recovery pic. :-)

Mackeydoodle - I'll be at G-Man's blog bright and early Friday.

It's not the Va, it just took my body 39 years to push it to the surface. Took the VA two weeks to get me an appt with a surgeon.

TUG - I will if anyone send me a picture.

Roxi - One can never get enough boobies!

Os - You know me so well.

Lime - If you would have asked, I would have sent you some. Next time let me know and I'll send you some.

Rob - Thanks Rob! That guy has a great racket doesn't he.

Alyssa - Nice! Loved it, thanks!

Barman - Shhhhhhh........ don't give it away. ;-)

Searabbit - Yes, I'm doing well and a lot better than many who served.

Chelle - It's not so bad. I don't even think about it until some looks at an x ray and asks me if I knew I had a lot of metal fragments in my body.

Patty Cake - I'm not sure why it takes so long or even why the body pushes it out. The only reason I had removed was it was starting to bother me.

S - Those cartoon boobs don't count. I want to see the real ones. I had a male nurse but a young woman surgeon with nice boobs. She didn't intentionally show them to me, but I did get a peek when she bent over. :-)

Lecram - Thank!

Slick - LOL, yep!

Shumpy said...

wow! And OW! at the same time.
I wanna see the new one. Does the airport people stop you since you literally are carrying around 'da bomb'?

//I'll send you something to ease your pain.

Tara Tainton said...

BT, I expect you to update your comments now that I just sent you a very special email package. ;)


David said...

FYI........Thank you for serving in Vietnam. Sorry if that is late, but it's sincere.

BTExpress said...

Shumpy - I do get stopped at the metal detectors, but not sure that's why. I've never failed to set them off. Many times they just use the wand.

Tara - I made a new post and mentioned the sexy pictures you sent to me. Thanks again, I loved them. :-)

David - Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

jillie said...

You are such a horn dog!!! LOL