Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I finally have a vanity!

The vanity, medicine chest and light I ordered for my master bathroom on August 7th finally came in. 3-4 weeks my ass! Last week Frank, my contractor for the bathroom remodeling, picked them up for me and installed them last Thursday. The plumber came on Friday and hooked it up. I've been without a sink in either bathroom for two months, so it felt good to finally have one of them working again.

The tile store was going to charge me $200 to truck them to me, but Frank offered to pick them up and save me the money. He even offered to take me to a wholesale nursery near him next Spring. He had a resale numbers so can get me the shrubs and bushes I need cheap! I just have to meet him there and he'll load up what I want on his truck and bring them to my house. I assume he'll plant them for me. Of course it will cost me to plant them, but I still expect it to be cheaper than the landscaper.

I highly recommend Frank, so if you live on Long Island, let me know and I'll give you his number.

Here's the light, medicine chest and vanity. The top is marble. I still have to get the sealer and seal it to protect it from stains.

This picture shows the color closer than the first one.

I hung the towel ring Saturday and mucked up the top with the normal clutter of the things we use daily. I bought the light house night light at the apple festival on Saturday.

This is a view opposite the vanity. This shows the tile color better than the other shots.

Now all I have left to do in this bathroom is have the shower door installed. I was waiting for everything else to get finished before installing it, just in case one of the workman got careless. It's not worth risking a $750 shower door just to hurry things a long.

I'm also still trying to get the cabinet maker to get me my vanity top for the half bath. I finally tracked him down and he "swears" the guy making the top told him he'd deliver it 5 weeks ago. He has my sink and $300, so I really want it done. I know he's just giving me the run around, but I still have to at least try. Any ideas what recourse I have?


Libby said...

tony, i love the color of the tile! i can't wait to see the rest of it! (yeah, you too, right?)

Jodes said...

that looks great!!

i am back - sort of. new post!! :)


barman said...

Very nice. I love the counter top and the colors. Nice tile too. You done good. As to how do you get someone to pay attention to you, I have no idea. It seems like you are just one person so they are not that interested in what happened. Now if you represented say 20 homes being built... Good luck getting that nailed down.

mackeydoodle said...

Hey Moob man;)
Thanks again...thought I would come by,take a peek at your blog & say hi!
Don't be a stranger...come back & visit soon!

Alyssa said...


I love the colour...

TUG said...

That looks great. I like you choice in colors and material. I wouldn't mind having that.

Lurker said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors. I'm so jealous with my '70's bathroom...it's so ghetto!lol

PLUS cheap bushes! Frank rules. I wonder if he'd commute to Seattle?

Chelle said...

OMG what a beautiful bathroom!! I am so jealous..hehe BUT....very happy that YOU have such a beautiful bathroom!! Love the colors!

patti_cake said...

Your bathroom will be fit for a, well King when you are done!